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Community Custody: Under Congress’ Thumb

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Published on: July 20, 2022

Treasonous Florida Senators are sponsoring the bipartisan Safe Communities Act, formerly Senate Bill 2938.  All this is a bigger power grab by the federal government and they are merely using “education” as the vehicle.  The Common Core Diva Lynne Taylor joins me in this episode to expose just what is going on in this bill and why it should be opposed.

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Articles, links, videos and bonus videos mentioned in this episode, plus additional resources provide by Lynne.

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The Bipartisan Safer Communities Act (formerly Senate Bill 2938. It’s main sponsor is Sen. Rubio (FL) and had 1 co-sponsor, Sen. Rick Scott (FL)

Sen. Rubio (sponsor) is up for re-election in Nov 2022. Here’s who/what funds him:

As you can see Pro-Israel PAC is Rubio’s top funder. Here’s their website:
(We’ll need the short video during the show. It’s about 1:34 minutes long)
THEN briefly look at whom else is endorsed for Nov 2022 by this PAC:

The GEO Group is Rubio’s next biggest funder and wouldn’t you know, it’s a private global business dedicated to mental health facilities and prisons. AND


We’ll start with my short FB video I did on the ‘law’ (yes, it’s a bit distorted, but it’s the volume which counts)

Then, we’ll show my Twitter images attached. Since not everyone has access to that social media, it’s important to see the conversation between Anita Hoge and myself (as well as others) on this new straitjacket effort by Congress. There are 10 in all, directly below the pdf for PL 117-159.
When the community mental health is talked about, we’ll use this article from 2018 where I talked about the community wide push for ‘GRIT’: AND My friend, Anita Hoge’s previously published work on identifying illegal uses of pysch techniques in the classroom: (The first Scribd article)

When we get to the telehealth and Medicaid expansion: AND

When we get to the Brady Act, we’ll use this explanation:
Which will lead us to the UINs or national IDs:

When we get to the section on Byrne Grants, we’ll highlight the upcoming webinar on how to get them and use them in relation to the new defacto rule:

When we get to the pediatric mental health section, we’ll need this to define Sect. 4001 of ESEA:

When we get to the Luke and Alex School Safety Act of 2022, we’ll need Sen. Rubio’s website to explain who Luke and Alex were:|

When we finish Luke/Alex, we’ll go to this website which is the ‘clearinghouse’ the federal government uses:

This is what the US fed gov’t defines as children’s mental health:

When we get to the Community Oriented Law Enforcement Programs, we’ll need this one website to define STOP School Violence Grants:

When we get to the US Dept of Ed appropriations of $1 billion with the requirements for mental health services, we’ll need this website for Title 4, Sect A’s definition: AND this one for Title 6, Section B’s definition:

For archives:
From my blog, the previously published article on the common follow up number system:

CHIP funding and its ties to education:

IEPs (Individual Education Plans) and how the CCSS Machine has been and is aligning them:


Medicaid and education:

Project AWARE and its connections to education and attacks on 2A:

Resilience Cities/Mental Health:

Anita Hoge’s long list of education watchdog activity:

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