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Confusing America Through Overabundance Of Information

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Published on: July 13, 2019

American politics is reaching a boiling point. Mass amounts of disinformation are continually being presented to the American public and most of us have no way of knowing the truth. Truth has come to be defined by our politics instead of objective reasoning. The right, for example, has viewed Fox News as their fair and balanced source of information. It is certainly safe to say that Fox is creeping ever so slightly to the left while they parrot talking points which keep their base trapped in their ideological box. In short, Americans view the truth as either being this or that, left or right, Republican or Democrat.

Consider the simple fact that Donald Trump has reversed his decision to put the citizenship question back onto the census. Instead, he claims he will be using his federal agencies in new ways to track and identify illegal aliens. While the mainstream “right-wing media” presents this as a positive step in the right direction it does little to change the fact that keeping the question off the census nullifies your vote. If illegal aliens can avoid this question they will be counted, and their numbers will be used for apportionment in the House of Representatives. This is something that Trump can stop legally but is choosing not to, for whatever reason. Furthermore, the citizenship question shouldn’t even be a debate. It stands to reason that on a U.S. Census, a form designed to decide the number of representatives each state should get, only U.S. citizens should be counted.

Now we are getting to the main point. The powers that be have taken something as simple as a census citizenship question and weaponized it to the point where we are fighting about it. People on the right will continue to make excuses for Trump even though absolutely nothing is being accomplished in the way of reducing the number of illegal aliens coming into our nation. Even if it were to come to a dead halt today, there are enough non-citizens already here that our country will be forever changed.

Yuri Bezmenov, a former KGB agent with extensive knowledge on psychological warfare, warned Americans years ago of a process called ideological subversion. This is a four-stage process of demoralizing the nation, creating destabilization and crisis and finally, normalizing the final solution. Which is, of course, communism. In many ways, we are at the crisis stage just waiting for it to all come crashing down.

One of the steps in demoralizing a population is, as Bezmenov describes it, changing the perception of reality so that no one understands what is going on. Despite the overabundance of information, no one can come to any sensible conclusions on how to best defend their principles. Wouldn’t it be safe to assume that we are at that point in America when a citizenship question is controversial? Consider for a moment what we are exposed to daily. Forget about the left, we know what they are. All day long from supposed right-wing media, which is supposed to promote freedom of thought, speech and expression, anyone who criticizes Trump in the slightest is a so-called “never Trumper.” Why? This goes back to identifying the truth. Should we not be concerned about illegal aliens avoiding citizenship questions on the census and Trump doing nothing to change that? It doesn’t matter what he does outside of that, or whether his intentions are noble or subversive. The truth is the truth. If illegal aliens are avoiding the citizenship issue on the census, we will lose our vote.

America is turning into a nation of party worship. Principles are cast aside in the hopes that the lesser of two evils which we swallowed our pride and voted for, will fix things. The information being thrown at us is part of a carefully contrived narrative designed to, as Bezmenov says, keep us from coming together. As conservatives, we have to consider the possibility that it is us standing in the way of the fundamental transformation so desired by the left. Derogatory terms like never Trumper are just that, derogatory terms designed to discredit anyone that sees through the daily dose of propaganda just as the term racist is. We absolutely must stop paying attention to the made-up narrative and the notion that not supporting this president equates to not being a conservative. Defending principled truth must come first, even it means admitting Trump isn’t making America great again. This is detrimental if America will truly be a place where “it can never happen here.”

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