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Congratulations…You’re Now Qualified to be a Racist!

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Published on: August 14, 2015

One of the biggest myths out there today is that black people can’t be racist. It is this very mindset that precludes us from ever having a solution to racial divisions in America. Those who espouse this theory are the very individuals who contribute to the division that appalls them…or does it? If an organization makes its money by selling meat products, one would hardly be surprised if they were not big fans of the vegetarian movement. Those who have learned how to monetize racism would obviously have to get a real job, were racism ever to disappear completely. There are many examples of black Americans regurgitating the “we can’t be racist” theory. Here’s just one example.

So, let’s break this down step by step. First off, the woman in the video claims that she wants justice for Trayvon Martin, a young black man shot by a Hispanic man. But let’s not forget that George Zimmerman was relabeled “white Hispanic,” by the media. Without this reclassification, Zimmerman also wouldn’t have been able to be a racist, at least according to the myth. It’s also worth asking the question, “what should justice for Trayvon” really look like? Was it justice you were after, or revenge?

Secondly, this woman is apparently under the impression that white people own militaries. Now I don’t know about you, but I personally don’t know any white people who own their own military. Perhaps she was referring to the United States military that currently serves under the direction of President Barack Obama. Oh wait a minute… As for banks, there are currently 99 minority banks around the globe according to the Federal Reserve Statistical Release from the end of 2014. Out of the 99 financial institutions, 24 are owned by black Americans. See now, that’s weird. It’s almost as if she’s lying, or simply lacking real facts.

Then there was the claim that they “don’t hold the jobs.” Really? While there is no disputing the fact that unemployment is higher in the black community, the Department of Labor reports that 51.7% of the black labor force is currently employed. The same report also shows that in the white labor force, the number is 59.4%. So once again, she’s either lying or misinformed.

And finally we heard that they can’t be racist because they don’t have the ability to “influence the media to think a certain way about a race of people.” Again, this is a woman who at the time was protesting the shooting of a young black man by a “white Hispanic.” Do I even need to point out the obvious on that one? I didn’t think so.

Here’s the bottom line. Until such time that all parties are on equal footing, there can be no debate, much less a solution. The “Black Lives Matter” movement only cares about, as the name implies, black lives. For anyone that doubts this reality, ask former Governor Martin O’Malley who was recently forced to apologize for having the audacity to suggest that “ALL” lives matter. Fortunately for most of us, we don’t live under the rules of myths or fantasies. We interact with people from all walks of life on a daily basis. Unfortunately, a growing number of agitators are starting to dominate the media’s attention. So let’s clear this up right now. There are racists in every group, always have been, always will be. Anytime a person or group self-determines that they can’t be racist, they typically turn out to be the biggest offenders of them all. Oh, and for the lady in the video, congratulations, you’re now qualified to be a racist!

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