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Congressman believes Obama Has Cut a Deal with African Leaders to Bring Ebola Patients into US

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Published on: October 21, 2014

Barack Hussein Ebola has already told America that he is sending US military troops to Africa to fight against Ebola, something we should not be doing and that is clearly unconstitutional. There is no power in the Constitution that authorizes him to act on his own using the military in this fashion. Yet, politicians, instead of calling him on this constitutionally are using it politically to speak out against him before mid-term elections. Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) told Sean Hannity that he believes that America will eventually discover that Obama has secretly “cut a deal” with African leaders to “bring people in” Ebola patients to the US from Africa following the mid-term elections.

“I am authorizing the secretary of defense and the secretary of homeland security to order the selected reserve and certain members of the individual ready reserve to active duty to augment the active forces in support of Operation United Assistance, providing humanitarian assistance and consequence management related to the Ebola virus disease outbreak in the West Africa region,” Obama wrote in a letter to House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH).

“The authorities that have been invoked will ensure the Department of Defense can properly sustain the military operations required in this effort,” he added.

By what authority is Barack Hussein Obama making such authorization? It certainly isn’t on constitutional grounds, and by that I mean that there is nothing in the US Constitution that authorizes him to do this. Just take a look at his enumerated powers.

“I can’t help but believe, just based on the way we’ve got all these nebulous excuses why not to have a travel ban,” said Gohmert.  “This president, I guarantee you, we’re going to find out, he has cut a deal with African leaders.  They’re going to bring people in.”

“He has probably told them ‘Look, keep in mind, I’ll have a lot more flexibility after the election,'” Gohmert added.

Earlier in October, Gohmert said that Obama had sent troops to Africa to “catch Ebola and die.” 

The Texas congressman said that Obama had sent “3,000 military into where they can get Ebola that they can bring back.”

“The military is not trained to go catch Ebola and die,” he added. “They’re trained to go in and kill the people that want to come back and kill us. The president’s priorities are all mixed up here. All you got to do is shut down traffic in and out of places where there’s high risk of Ebola.”

“But political correctness is going to get people killed in all of these areas.”

Gohmert also appeared on Family Research Council’s Washington Watch with Tony Perkins adding, “We’ve taken them away from their military function and put them out there like sacrificial lambs in infected countries.”

He believes the efforts of building treatment centers and training Liberian soldiers will ultimately leave the troops defenseless and vulnerable not only to the virus, but also to Islamic terrorist attacks. After all, this is the home of Boko Haram, who have already shown their brazen disregard for human life in the spread of the demonic death cult of Mohamed.

“Your heart goes out for those members of the 101st Airborne and others that are going to be sent into Ebola-infected epidemic countries,” he said. “Man oh man, there are terrorists in Africa that would love to wipe out a bunch of our military.”

According to, military leader Maj. Gen. Darryl Williams rejects Gohmert’s assertions, saying that there would be “very low to no risk” of contracting Ebola for troops sent to West Africa. Somehow, I lean more towards Gohmert’s claims than I do Maj. Gen. Williams.

Williams claims that they will only be involved in building treatment centers for the sick to be kept isolated from the general population. However, he cannot guarantee that will stop the spread to US soldiers.

Gohmert also expressed concern that the troops would not be armed, considering the rise of Boko Haram in Africa. “I thought we learned after Beirut we don’t send people in places unless you’re prepared against terrorists.”

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) also expressed similar concerns that Gohmert voiced with regards to soldiers becoming infected. The Kentucky senator and medical doctor said in a radio interview, “You also have to be concerned about 3,000 soldiers getting back on a ship. Where is disease most transmittable? When you’re in a very close confines on a ship — we all know about cruises and how they get these diarrhea viruses that are transmitted very easily. Can you imagine if a whole ship full of our soldiers catch Ebola?”

Stefan Becket at Mic wrote in response to Paul’s claim, “There is approximately zero chance of this scenario actually happening.”

Right, and we were told that protocols are in place to where Ebola should have been contained in Texas too, right? I’m not buying it, and anyone that thinks this is as cut and dry as Becket or Williams is just not paying attention. I’ll ask where Becket and Williams MD certifications are. I already know that Paul is a doctor.

Finally, I would like to propose a question for people to think about. Some thirty nations, who have a common sense leaders, have imposed a ban on flights from ebola-ridden countries. Obama has yet to do so and, in fact, his administration and the CDC have downplayed such measures. The risks for such purposeful actions could be devastating. What will happen when our boys get over there and Obama decides to change his mind? Will they be allowed to return? No one is talking about that….yet.

However, I come back to my main point. Where is the constitutional authority for the President to send the US military overseas to construct treatment centers for the people of Africa? Where is he getting the money to do this? Our military are to be used in defense of the United States, not as construction workers for foreign nations. Furthermore, since Gohmert, Paul and other members of Congress, both Democrat and Republican, know this, why are they not pushing legislation to stop it? Why are they not putting forth articles of impeachment? I continue to ask this over and over. They give the right rhetoric, but when it comes to doing something, that’s all we see is talk, and sadly it may result in the deaths of many of our military men.

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