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Congressman Calls for DOJ & FBI to be Held in Contempt

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Published on: January 2, 2018

While I applaud the rhetoric, isn’t this the same “non-response” that was issued against former Attorney General Eric Holder when he refused to turn over documents to the people regarding his illegal arms trafficking of over 2,000 weapons in Operation Fast and Furious?

Why yes, yes it is.

Still, Florida Rep. Francis Rooney told Fox News’ “America’s News Headquarters” on Sunday that the heads of the FBI and Justice Department “should be held in contempt” of Congress if they fail to turn over documents related to the debunked Trump Russian dossier.

“I think if they don’t produce those documents on the third of January, they should be held in contempt,” Rooney said.

Last week, Rooney called for a “purge” at the FBI of “people who are kind of the deep state,” and he specifically mentioned Peter Strzok.

Fox News also reports:

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes is blasting the Department of Justice and the FBI for its “failure to fully produce” documents related to an anti-Trump dossier, saying “at this point it seems the DOJ and FBI need to be investigating themselves.”

In a Thursday letter to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein obtained by Fox News, Nunes expressed frustration that information and witnesses subpoenaed by the committee in August related to the so-called Steele dossier had not yet been turned over. The salacious dossier includes unverified allegations about President Trump’s connections with Russia that he has denied.

“Unfortunately, DOJ/FBI’s intransigence with respect to the August 24 subpoenas is part of a broader pattern of behavior that can no longer be tolerated,” the California Republican wrote to Rosenstein.

Nunes demanded that all records – and available dates for witnesses to testify – be provided to the committee by Jan 3.

“As a result of the numerous delays and discrepancies that have hampered the process of subpoena compliance, the committee no longer credits the representations made by DOJ and/or the FBI regarding these matters,” Nunes said, calling the Justice Department’s initial response to subpoenas “disingenuous at best.”

Nunes said the DOJ informed the House Intelligence Committee several weeks ago that the “basic investigatory documents demanded by the subpoenas…did not exist.”

“As it turns out, not only did documents exist that were directly responsive to the committee’s subpoenas, but they involved senior DOJ and FBI officials who were swiftly reassigned when their roles in matters under the committee’s investigation were brought to light,” Nunes wrote.

OK, so are we dealing with the Obama DOJ or the Trump DOJ?

No, we’re dealing with the Trump DOJ under Attorney General Jeff Sessions here.

Seriously, don’t many people reading this think that no matter the jersey of the political party being worn, the same sorts of fiascos take place that deprives the American people of liberty and justice?

Can Congress do a little more than merely find these people in contempt?  Can they not bring some formal charges with resolve to obtain the documents the American people are entitled to see and justice upon those who are acting criminally?  Can they not cut off pay to these people as leverage for getting what they need?  Why yes, yes they can as they are the very ones who control the purse strings, but will they do it?

I’m not holding my breath.

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