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Congressman: Chinese Communist Party-Linked Companies Purchasing US Military Academies

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Published on: February 2, 2023

I find it quite amazing that in these united States that we allow an openly Communist country to not just purchase land, but build and buy businesses and even set up police stations!  Yet, now a US congressman is warning that they the Chinese Communist Party has some companies linked to it buying up US military academies.  What could possibly go wrong?

Just The News reported on the warning from Florida Representative Michael Waltz.

Companies linked to the Chinese Communist Party are purchasing U.S. military academies with officer training programs across the country, warns Florida GOP Rep. Michael Waltz.

“It’s incredibly concerning that there are American private schools owned by companies with strong ties to the Chinese Communist Party,” said Waltz, a member of the House Armed Services Committee and a Green Beret.

He sent a letter Tuesday demanding Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin survey all JROTC programs at private schools to determine whether they are owned by a subsidiary of a foreign company.

“From Florida to New York, there is clear evidence that the ownership of these schools are linked to our greatest adversary and it’s ridiculous that we are developing potential future military leaders through JROTC programs where the CCP could be shaping school curriculum and activities,” he said.

New York Military Academy, former President Donald Trump’s alma mater, located a few miles north of West Point, has an Army JROTC program and an entire promotional webpage in Chinese.

It was purchased in 2015 by the Chinese-owned nonprofit Research Center on Natural Conservation Inc., which has a Zero-Star rating on and is funded by Fang Holdings Ltd, Waltz also says.

Billionaire Mo Tianquan controls Fang Holdings and has been a delegate to the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference organized by the Chinese Communist Party.

Florida Preparatory Academy, in Melbourne, Fla., has an Air Force JROTC program and was purchased in 2017 by Newopen USA, a subsidiary of the Chongqing, China-based Newopen Group. The company’s chairman Zhou Dengguang has met with the Secretary General of the CCP-sponsored Chinese Entrepreneurs Association, Waltz also said.

Read the full letter below.

Dear Secretary Austin:

I write to you regarding the growing acquisition of American private schools by entities linked to the highest ranks of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).  Many of these entities are controlled by members of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), a body which maintains close ties between private sector wealth and the ruling party.  I am concerned that Department of Defense resources are being allocated to support these private schools that may undermine our national security interests.  

These acquisitions could be a part of the CCP’s Belt & Road infrastructure and global influence initiative in the American education sector.  It seems they are focused in acquiring schools in parts of the country with advanced technology industries. 

For example, Florida Preparatory Academy is located within the Space Coast Technology Corridor in Melbourne, Florida.  In 2017, Florida Preparatory Academy was purchased by Newopen USA.  This company is a subsidiary of the Chongqing, China-based Newopen Group.  In 2021, Zhou Dengguang, Newopen Group’s chairman, met with the Secretary General of the CCP-sponsored Chinese Entrepreneurs Association.  During this meeting, they discussed “the national strategic development layout and greater resource cooperation”.  Florida Preparatory Academy has an Air Force JROTC program assigned to it.

The New York Military Academy is located just 6 miles north of West Point. In 2015, the school was purchased by the Research Center on Natural Conservation, funded by Fang Holdings Ltd and controlled by Mo Tianquan.  In 2013, Mo Tianquan, was a delegate to the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, a political advisory body convened by the CCP as part of its broader United Front work.  The New York Military Academy has an Army JROTC program.

With the ongoing military recruitment crisis, I am concerned that any students we recruit into the service from these CCP-influenced schools will have a sympathetic view of China’s political and strategic aims.

To gain a broader understanding of the scope of this influence, and whether Department resources are inadvertently helping promote and support these schools, I request that the Department survey all of its JROTC, NJROTC, and AFJROTC programs located at private schools across the country and whether their schools are owned by a subsidiary of a foreign company, and the name of the subsidiary and foreign company.  I ask that this information be compiled and sent to my office as soon as possible in preparation for the FY24 National Defense Authorization Act.

Thank you for your kind attention to this request.

Letting these kinds of things go on is nothing less than treason by those who are allowing it.  This should have been stopped long ago.


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