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Congressman: We Need More Taxes!

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Published on: May 16, 2015

The boil on the butt of Georgia has opened his mouth and not only put his foot in it, but confirmed himself as Obama’s Scarecrow – as most Democrats are. Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA), in an interview with WABE radio stated, “If everyone is paying their fair share of taxes then we certainly should and can live within our means.” And, it’s obvious who is not paying their “fair share” according to the Obama-brained Johnson.

“But our problem now is that taxes are being paid by the middle class. The rich, wealthy and corporations are not paying their fair share and so therefore we don’t have enough to do what the government and do what the country needs the government to do and that’s the problem.”

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The State of Georgia did a marvelous job of redistricting that keeps this man in office. Our county was divided so that a small section of it fell under the district represented by Johnson. As a person who lives in his district, there was not a Republican, Libertarian, Independent or Raggedy Andy who ran against him in the last election. Not one. Instead of voting for this individual, I wrote my own name in as a candidate.

Just like not everyone in Boehner’s district is an “idiot” for putting him in office, not everyone in Johnson’s district is supportive of this “communist” or put him in the House of Representatives. For anyone wondering, it is not the nature of his character or his “achievements” that keeps him in office. This is the exact reason many of us feel as though we are not represented as the redistricting basically removed choices in candidates.

And before anyone says, “run yourself,” they would expel me the first day for calling them all out.

While Johnson is spewing the lines given to him like a brainless wit, the IRS’s own statistics indicate that what Johnson is saying is a lie. The 2011 IRS statistics indicate that individuals earning over $100,000 per year are paying 71.6 % of the income taxes in the US while representing only 13.4 % of the total number of tax returns. The projections for 2016 made by indicate that individuals in the top one percent of income will pay 32.4 % share of the federal income taxes.

But, those nasty rich people aren’t paying their fair share. Unfortunately, in order to attack those “nasty rich folks,” the middle class ends up getting raped in the process. It’s the same old non-solution which has been proven not to work each time it’s been tried.

According to Rep. Hank “Guam may tip over” Johnson, government could live within its means if it only had more money from those rich, wealthy individuals and corporations. Government stopped living within its means in 1913 with the advent of the Federal Reserve. There’s no way that pilfering by theft more of Americans’ money will result in the federal government “living within its means.” Once the federal government legislated the Federal Reserve and began engaging in unconstitutional spending, it kept on going – like eating that one potato chip – and certainly is not about to stop now no matter how much taxes are raised. In fact, the federal government could institute a 100% tax on income and it still wouldn’t be enough. Taxes, are not the problem: the Federal Reserve and unconstitutional spending are the problems.

Truth be told, the federal government became greedy as evidenced by the War to Enslave the States. When the federal government, a creation between an independent voluntary cooperation between the States, turned its power against States who had every right to cease their voluntary participation in the Union, the federal government did so for the greed of money for the central coffers. It began a “glorious” tradition of raping the populace by removing the rights of States, both northern and southern, under the guise of “rebellion” or “insurrection” when no such action occurred. It started the “fear” among the States that if they didn’t cooperate, the power of the central government would be used on them. The southern States were the example, and it worked beautifully.

Here’s a few words for Rep. Hank Johnson.

Sir, you should know that Obama is not the Wizard and has no brain for you. In fact, many are not wondering anymore whether you have an organic brain condition as it is obvious you have just turned the electricity off. Let me “help” you, if I can, to address “government living within its means.” This will require you turn the synapses back on in your brain and leave them active. Eat more fruit or something.

First of all, the federal government should only spend the money it receives on the enumerated powers (that means the authority granted to Congress) outlined in the Constitution of the united States of America. The enumerated powers are contained in Article I, Section 8 as a matter of reference. Now, granted this means that certain government agencies are going to have to be dissolved – that means “gotten rid of”; make them go “bye bye.” The funds that Congress is allowed to collect in order to conduct business on behalf of the States is outlined in Article I, Section 2 and Section 8 of the Constitution. This is the “means” that the federal government is to “live within.”

It’s a stretch to ask you to read to determine which agencies those are; but, it’s part of your job and certainly part of what should earn you that $174,000 per year. In case you didn’t know Hank, you are in the group you want to tax so heavily. Did you miss that? You didn’t miss it because it probably doesn’t pertain to you since Congress would be exempt or you aren’t paying your income taxes on your salary anyway.

Second of all, the federal government needs to cease (that means stop) spending money outside the enumerated powers and allocating funds for unconstitutional laws and agencies. It would mean the federal government would not support the United Nations anymore, cease support of “foreign” governments, cease our interventionist (that means meddling) policy in foreign governments and initiation of coups, stop the allocation of money to teach prostitutes in foreign nations about safe sex practices, and any other “pork” contrived by anyone or any agency in Washington.

While there would be outcries because certain programs would be discontinued at the federal level, the people would have more income to provide for themselves. Of course, the Tenth Amendment states “the powers not delegated to the united States (meaning the federal government) by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States, respectively, or to the people.” Therefore, many of these “programs” would be done by the States, if they so choose, and/or left to the people of the States to decide whether or not to implement those programs.

In other words, it’s the application of the “keep it simple stupid” or “KISS” methodology.

Next, salaries of all Congressmen, Senators, their staff and government employees need to be lowered. It is outrageous for anyone in public office as a public servant to make $100,000 or more. The majority of Americans live on much less than that; therefore, public servants should also. This certainly would help legislators in “keeping in touch” with what the majority of Americans experience from government laws and regulations. Of course, all laws and regulations would apply to each and every one of you, instead of the impunity you enjoy now. Oh, by the way, all of you should pay your income taxes, that “fair share” you talk about, or be booted from office – no “if’s, and’s or but’s.”

Think of all the trillions that could be saved and left in the collective pockets of Americans by following the law of the land. Oh that’s right, you have thought about that and in your communist/fascist/socialist/Marxist fantasy that is unacceptable. You consider yourself part of the “elite” ruling class that should be kept in style by “government owned” everything while the people languish in the “equality” of destitution. It is when “government” decides what individuals should have instead of people being compensated based on the fruits of their labors that produces “slave” societies the government then executes. The former Soviet Union and Nazi Germany come to mind. It is the “robbing Peter to pay Paul” mentality of trying to gain prosperity.

“Robbing Peter to pay Paul” never leads to prosperity of anyone, any nation or any sect of the population, as it’s been being done for years. No one who is partaking of the “legalized theft” of Americans through government programs is any better off today than when it started. But, that’s the plan of the Democrats orchestrated by Lyndon Baines Johnson – buy the votes but keep people down-trodden. The only entities getting “prosperous” off the backs of Americans are those in elected positions in Washington. When the people become a “burden” to government, they are systematically “discarded.”

I’m sure all of this is lost on you. So, since I live in your district, I challenge you to meet with me and let’s discuss the issue point by point using the Constitution. You can reach me through Freedom Outpost.

It’s obvious that Washington has lost all sanity – they keep doing the same things over and over, not expecting different results; but, expecting the same result to institute tyranny. So, maybe it’s time that Charlotta “ChaCha” Chihuahua ran for office. At least she has sense enough not to do something that’s detrimental more than once and certainly would not make asinine comments as Rep. Hank “need more taxes” Johnson. Plus, she’s more photogenic than “Piglosi,” “Feinkenstein,” and “Hildabeast.”

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