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Conservatives are Taking the Same Path to the Same Destination as Liberals… Just a Bit Slower

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Published on: April 14, 2015

If you listen to talk radio on a regular basis, you get a steady stream of rhetoric promoting what is called conservatism. I hope in the next minute or so to get you thinking about whether being conservative is actually being right.

My guess is that if you are attracted to conservatism it’s because you have a healthy disdain for public policy that calls itself liberal. I’m guessing that you instinctively react against the militant homosexual agenda and believe that marriage should not be redefined. I’m thinking that you also reject the socialist, big government, welfare state. I’m also thinking that you consider the murder of fifty million American babies a national disgrace.

You probably also want to protect your right to practice your religion freely, and your right to speak freely, even if it might offend somebody.

If this is a fairly good profile of your beliefs, then you probably think that conservative politicians and conservative leaders are on your side.

They are not.

You see, as it turns out in real life, conservatism is not the opposite of liberalism. Conservatism is not even a political philosophy. Properly understood, conservatism is really only a reaction to a political philosophy, and a very weak one at that.

By growling a while but then giving in to the advances of their supposed enemy, Conservatives only solidify the never ending gains of their big government, socialist, liberal brothers.

At the heart of this deception is the fact that conservatives don’t really take an opposite view from liberals, only a slightly slower path in the same direction and to the same destination.

This is why no matter whom we elect in the two party system, we get the same big government, bloated-spending, liberty-eroding result.

If we want something different, it seems to me we need to stop electing conservatives, they are only yesterday’s liberals. If we want our rights restored, then we’d better start electing God-fearing Constitutionists who are not willing to go along to get along, but rather are willing to sacrifice their own welfare to defend our rights.

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