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More Conservatives Attacked as Liberal Violence Continues to Rise

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Published on: January 30, 2017

It seems that the party of peace, love, and tolerance is anything but. As Trump has become the 45th President of the United States, more incidents have occurred. As I reported, a woman was attacked in a Women’s March in Canada. As ironic as that sounds, the women there to protest for women’s rights were okay with a woman being attacked: she was conservative.

Now, it has happened once again. This time on a University campus.

Heat Street reports:

A meeting in West Virginia University between college conservatives and progressive leftists turned to blows after one of the progressives lost his temper and forced them out of the conversation.

Per videos captured by conservative participants, the groups had met up to discuss a possible public debate on Wednesday night when a male student, Kelley Dunham, refused to tolerate the presence of the conservative students from the campus’ chapter of Turning Point USA.

In the video, the physically-imposing Dunham can be seen menacing a female student before a male student steps between them. The loudmouth makes a show of walking off before heading back towards the student recording him and appears to assault him, all the while yelling “get the f**k out!”

But does this not fit what we know about the true believers of the Left? They have no real answer for the logic they face. They pitch fits and destroy property when things do not go their way. And they bully those who oppose them.

This kind of thing will continue to get worse as all that we see in the Left is a form of violence. Violence against things, ideas, and rights. These are a small step away from violence against people.

Have they crossed that line?

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