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Constitution Day 2021 – What’s To Celebrate?

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Published on: September 17, 2021

Today, September 17, 2021, we celebrate Constitution Day.  However, with people so ignorant of the Constitution and lacking in the ability to hold their representatives to the standard of the US Constitution.  Don Via, Jr. comments on Constitution Day 2021 and asks, “Is there anything left to actually celebrate?”

Via writes:

Friday, September 17th marks 234 years since the founding fathers ratified the Constitution of the United States in Independence Hall, Philadelphia. In present-day America, on what should be a joyous day for celebrating our Liberty and independence, both are wholly absent. The harsh reality is our founding document has never been more worthless.

Upon reading such a phrase, nationalists are sure to get their knickers in a bunch. Aghast at the utterance of such blasphemies, but ask yourself — is it wrong? Is such a statement factually inaccurate in any capacity? Name one so-called freedom you have that isn’t taxed, regulated, licensed, or downright illegal. You can’t.

So what makes us free? If we take a look at the Bill of Rights in contrast of the current state of the American Empire; every freedom guaranteed to the people by the framers has been torn asunder by expansion and overreaches of federal power the likes of which could never have been imagined.

The dastardly machinations of statism have given rise to a prolifically wicked entity presuming control over the lives of the masses. In truth, the Constitution has been eviscerated.

The first amendment guarantees the right of the people to freedom of religion, expression, and speech. Specifically denoting that Congress shall pass no law inhibiting such. Congress has in fact passed no such law. Unfortunately, when living in a corporatist empire that subsidizes monopolies to act as proxies for the totalitarian dictates of the State, formalities of congressional approval need not be undertaken. Free speech is now just another nuisance for the ruling class to regulate.

We all know the hurdles the second amendment has faced for decades. Despite being the most concise. It doesn’t get much clearer than “shall not be infringed”. And yet, we as a nation have fallen so far that Liberty activists working in defense of the Constitution are murdered by agents of the State seizing weapons under unjust pretenses.

The fourth amendment affirms that all persons be secured and protected against unjust and unwarranted search and seizure. And yet time and again the American police state, which has evolved into the standing army our founders warned us about, practices this infringement with impunity. Particularly ironic that the most egregious mass encroachments of this Liberty are annually carried out on July 4th.

The Fifth Amendment lays out many of the parameters of the US justice system. Unfortunately this too has been eroded to the point of being more aptly referred to as the “injustice system” — where two sets of laws exist; one for the ruling predator class, and one for the peasantry — in which elitists, wealthy friends of the State, and notoriously the agents of the State are often given exemption from the rule of law for the most heinous of offenses.

Meanwhile, the people are often subjected to undue brutality and afforded little due process from the foot soldiers of tyranny. Regularly paying the ultimate price for the most arbitrary of infractions. One need only look at the atrocious state of the US court system to see the constant contraventions of amendments six through eight as well.

With no better example of the decimation of our domestic legal protections than the shocking disintegration of civil liberty that has taken shape in the name of “domestic security” during the war on terror.

Arguably the most transgressed is the Tenth Amendment. In which all powers not specifically delegated to the federal government nor prohibited to it by the states are reserved to the states, and people. This amendment was specifically included to prevent excessive federal overreach into the affairs of the citizenry and local government.

As originally, the United States was not designed as a single country. But rather a confederation of independently sovereign states. Since then, a silent coup has been waged to subversively usurp the sovereignty of the people in favor of a monolithic draconian power structure.

There is no better evidence to demonstrate this than what occurred just last week. The federal government via the National Archives has officially labeled the Constitution and Bill of Rights as potentially harmful content. Confirming once and for all that this nation has become the antithesis of its very foundation.

The Constitution has failed us.

However this is not just a modern observation. Perhaps none put it better than the 19th century political philosopher and notable anarchist and abolitionist, Lysander Spooner, stating in his 1867 composition No Treason —

“But whether the Constitution really be one thing, or another, this much is certain — that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case it is unfit to exist.”

Sentiments which were expanded upon by yours truly in a short essay authored last year titled The Folly of Constitution Worship. An excerpt reads —

“Real tragedy is coming to the realization that the words of Spooner are indeed correct. The Constitution, nay any legislative document, are in reality just words on paper. It’s does not enforce itself, and it does not protect itself. The Constitution in fact does not grant us any rights, our rights are imbued upon us at birth, they are an intrinsic part of our humanity. The Constitution and documents like it are meant to serve as a directive of how authorities in government may not abuse our intrinsic human rights. It is itself then predicated upon the decency of men to uphold it. The paradox then becomes that positions of authority tend to attract the most indecent of men….”

In a way, the public failed it as much as it failed the public. The founding fathers despite their faults had the best of intentions, or the best that there could be in the context of the time, when ratifying these documents.

It was intended for politics not to be a career path but a temporary public service. It was intended for the people to be adequately informed and actively involved in every process. It was intended for those elected representatives to be heavily scrutinized and held accountable by the public, to ensure those in positions of power were of good moral character.

Somewhere along the way the public got lost in the monotony of everyday life, and positions of power reverted back to its natural form — corruption. And thus, power does what it has always done; corrupts good men into betraying their own values, and otherwise attracts the most corrupt, abusive, exploitative, sociopathic and narcissistic individuals who seek to use positions of power to control others for their own benefit.

The very moment the general public neglected its due diligence and failed in its duty to maintain proper checks and balances on authorities is the moment we ceased to be a government “of the people, by the people, for the people”. For the people were no longer in control. In the briefest of moments, the reins were jerked from the hands of the masses and placed firmly in the grasp of mad men.

So one must ask themselves — is individual liberty even a feasible concept? Or just a whimsical fantasy to be enjoyed by wishful thinkers? Surely it cannot be the latter. Individual liberty is found and proven to exist every time we assert our inherent self ownership. Every time we do something that has a tangible effect on life outside of the grasp of the state.

Every time we exercise our humanity as an independent individual, realizing that our existence and our natural-born rights need not be validated by the ownership or permission of the state — that in fact it is excessive control which is abnormal to the human condition. Voluntaryism comes as natural to human beings as breathing when unhindered by government.

So this Constitution Day remember; life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness is inherent to your very existence as a person. It’s not something to be given or restricted to you by a piece of paper or some rogue bureaucracy.

So hold your head up high. Be your own leader. You own yourself. You are free, if you choose to be.

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