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Constitutional Militia 2.0 – Restoring The Real Law Enforcement Of The People

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Published on: July 6, 2020

While many are calling for defunding the police and others are out to organize militias that are outside of the militia defined in the Constitution, there are many of us that desire a replacement of the police force with the constitutional and biblical militia, which is composed of the people, able-bodied men aged 17-45. The question is, how do we get there and what are the steps we need to take in order to make this a reality. Instead of just talk radio, The Sons of Liberty believe in being a “do radio” organization and as such, we’re bringing Tactical Civics founder David Zuniga back on to deal with this very important issue. David has a well-rounded plan to implement the citizens militia once again for the security of a free state, as the Second Amendment states.

Books by David Zuniga – Also his ebooks can be found here.

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David’s six-part Tactical Civics podcast:

Part 1: The Ancient Origins of Militia… 

Part 2: Roman Legions Return… 

Part 3: Posse Comitatus, NRA, Black Tom and Alphabet Agencies…      

Part 4: Lincoln’s Hijacking; the DOJ and FBI Create Themselves…    

Part 5: The Military-Industrial Complex Is Hatched… 

Part 6: Congress’ False Militia Eclipses the Real Thing…

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