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Controversial Sandy Hook Book Banned by Amazon – Now Provided Free of Charge

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Published on: November 24, 2015

Author Jim Fetzer’s 425-page book Nobody Died at Sandy Hook had been reportedly removed from online bookstore Amazon.

“The book is too good,” an intelligence expert had  allegedly told Fetzer. “It has the potential to bring down the Obama administration. They are going to do everything that they can to suppress it–so don’t be surprised when it happens!”

Fetzer and his co-editor Mike Palecek received the following notification from CreateSpace, the company that provides publishing for Amazon:

“What could be more telling than that they have taken the book down but cannot explain the reasons for suppressing it, which of course they had to have had in advance of taking it down,” Fetzer says. “Just how dumb are we all supposed to be?”

What’s most interesting is the book was up for a short time and sold around 500 copies. It even received several ratings from both actual purchasers and those with an opinion about what they had not read.

Additionally, Amazon still has Fetzer and Palecek’s book And I suppose we didn’t go to the moon, either?: The Beatles, the Holocaust, and other mass illusions (Save the World, Resist the Empire). Isn’t that just as controversial?

Amazon also carries a variety of titles that put forth various theories concerning Sandy Hook, The Moon Landing and, of course, the JFK assassination, so it does make one wonder why this particular book was targeted. What is the actual violation of the guidelines?

I contacted CreateSpace for a comment, and as of the writing of this article, they have not provided a response.

On the opposite end of the conversation, is a trained investigator named Dr. Leland Benton, whose book Was Sandy Hook a Hoax?: Sandy Hook Hoax Allegations are Disturbing! (Forensic Investigation) (Volume 1) is also posted at Amazon. Dr. Benton writes, “Recent allegations and a plethora of YouTube videos have arisen that the events at Sandy Hook are all a hoax. On the surface, this is quite disturbing to me for two reasons. If the allegations are true then we as a nation are confronting another serious problem; and if they are false, then this is a very cruel burden to place on the grieving families. As a trained investigator, I will look dispassionately at both sides and allow my readers to decide for themselves. I was taught that the best lie is always sandwiched between two truths. On the surface, what is to be gained if the allegations prove to be true? And conversely, what is to be gained if the allegations prove to be false? Where is the winner in all of this?”

Personally, I think these are good questions to ask. Who does benefit in the end? One might ask that when one looks back to history how Adolf Hitler burned his own Reichstag and wonder if our own government is not engaged in similar activity, especially a government that used the incident to immediately push for a national attack upon the rights of its citizens.

“The book delegitimizes the government of the United States, in particular, the Obama administration, which cannot withstand the exposure of its techniques of disinformation,” Fetzer wrote concerning his allegations in the book. “Confronted with this rude development, Mike and I decided to make the book available to the public for free.”

While I’m not convinced of every assertion of many of the theories surrounding Sandy Hook, one does have to confess that there are several anomalies that have not been addressed properly. That doesn’t mean that no one died or that it didn’t take place. It just means there are anomalies, and no one should be afraid to ask questions and government shouldn’t be afraid to be transparent with its people and answer those questions. On the other hand, it doesn’t disprove the assertion of those who remain unconvinced that Sandy Hook was nothing more than a false flag event to push a gun control agenda.

As a result of Amazon pulling the book, Fetzer and Palecek have made the book available for free download. You can download the book for free by clicking here.

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