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Cop Arrested After Video Showed Him Play Judge, Jury, & Executioner on Unarmed Man (Video)

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Published on: February 20, 2023

Shreveport, LA — As TFTP reports on a frequent basis, calling 911 to solve problems is a crap shoot at best. The wife of Alonzo Bagley, 43, learned that the hard way earlier this month when she called police to have them respond to an argument between her and Bagley. Just moments after police arrived on the scene, Bagley would be dead — shot in his chest while unarmed.

The officer who played the roles of judge, jury, and executioner, Shreveport Police Officer Alexander Tyler, 23, has been charged in a rare act of police accountability. Tyler was arrested on Thursday on a charge of negligent homicide. He posted the $25,000 bail shortly after and remains on paid administrative leave.

According to a 911 call released by police, and in the video below, Bagley’s wife call police and told them he was drunk and “acting the fool, and clowning.” Not once during the 911 call did his wife claim that Bagley had physically attacked anyone, and in fact, she told dispatchers that he had retreated to his room.

When police arrived on the scene, Bagley told them that he had to put up his dogs but instead made an exit from the second-floor balcony of his bedroom. Bagley, unarmed and unthreatening, would barely make it to the entrance of the neighboring apartment building before being executed by Tyler.

“Oh God, you shot me,” Bagley uttered. They would be his last words.

Immediately after Bagley slumped over and died, Tyler appears to understand what he just did. He let irrational fear and poor choices drive his decision to take another human being’s life.

“No. No. Sir. Sir. Hey. Hey. Hey. No. No,” he says.

“Upon rounding a corner of the building, Officer Tyler observed Mr. Bagley and fired one shot from his service weapon, which struck Mr. Bagley in the chest,” Col. Lamar Davis, the superintendent of Louisiana State Police, said at a news conference.

After the shooting, Tyler made “multiple statements claiming the suspect came toward him and he could not see his hands,” according to court documents. But no weapons were found and Bagley appears to have his hands in the air as he falls to the ground in the body camera footage.

The family is now suing for $10 million.

“The lethal force used against Mr. Bagley was unjustified, unreasonable, excessive, and in violation of Mr. Bagley’s rights under the United States Constitution and the laws of the State of Louisiana,” the lawsuit said, which was filed by Bagley’s wife, mother and stepdaughter, according to NPR.

“Flight does not mean shoot to kill,” Haley said. “Flight does not mean you are the judge, jury and executioner, and that’s what happened. That was what happened in this case … and it is an incident that we see far too often in the state. It’s an incident that we see far too often around this country.”

“I appreciate everybody’s condolences and prayers but none of that compares to the pain that I’m feeling, the pain that my mom is feeling. … That’s going to linger for a while, for a long time,” Bagley’s brother, Xavier Sudds said.

Below is that video showing what happens when trigger-happy cops decide to shoot first and ask questions later.

Article posted with permission from Matt Agorist

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