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Cop Fired For Savagely Beating Handcuffed Pregnant Woman On Video, Hired At New Police Department – Make Sure He Doesn’t Keep His Job!

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Published on: December 11, 2021

As TFTP reported in June of 2021, several teenagers were hanging out with friends, on their own property when officers with the Woodlynne police department walked up to them. Without provocation, Woodlynne police officer Ryan Dubiel randomly pulled out his pepper spray and blasted one of the teens in the face with the spray before spraying several others. This move led to charges against this officer but when his case began to face scrutiny, we learned he had an extremely tainted history and should have never had a badge that day.

A the time the charges were released, prosecutors admitted that in his short career, the 31-year-old has worked for nine police departments.

Nine departments! He has faced countless misconduct allegations before but like so many other officers, was allowed to resign before facing any consequences. Apparently, he did this at least 8 times before he attacked these innocent teens.

As part of his sentencing earlier this year, the court ruled that Dubiel would no longer be able to work in a taxpayer funded position ever again — meaning this extremely bad cop can never go near a badge and a gun for the rest of his life, no matter what agency he may choose to roam to.

Had a policy like this been in place at the departments for which Dubiel used to work, the children assaulted by Dubiel last year would have never met this cop, and this violent officer would have been gone long ago. However, it was not policy and was just one court case, so gypsy cops remain a very real problem in the United States.

Officer Elizabeth Montoya is the latest roaming bad cop to receive a spotlight for her gypsy cop status and every bit of this light it is well deserved. Montoya was fired from the San Antonio police department in 2019 after she savagely beat the hell out of a handcuffed pregnant woman.

The incident was captured on body camera footage and it showed Montoya punch the woman in the breasts before delivering a fury of punches to the handcuffed pregnant woman’s head and face.

That woman, Kimberly Esparza, was six months pregnant when Montoya beat the hell out of her, threw her to the ground on her stomach, dragged her down the pavement and left her sitting in the rain, battered and bruised.

To justify this gross use of force against the pregnant woman, Montoya would charge her with assault of a public servant, resisting arrest and possession of a controlled substance – penalty group III, typically used to charge someone who illegally possesses prescription drugs with common medical uses, according to KSAT.

When the evidence was presented, however, Esparza was innocent and all charges were dropped.

For savagely beating a woman who was simply accused of possessing a controlled substance, who was handcuffed and pregnant, Montoya was never charged with a crime. In fact, it would take the department a year to get her fired and that was for muting her body camera — not for brutally beating a pregnant woman in handcuffs.

Montoya has been fighting for her job back with the SAPD for a year but in the meantime, she’s found employment in the neighboring town of Elmendorf — where her presence is an “asset,” according to the chief.

According to KSAT, Chief Marco Pena defended his hiring of Montoya last week and added that Montoya was an asset to his agency.

“I think she’s an asset, if you will. I feel she can bring some good to the department,” Pena said via telephone.

Pena told KSAT that there are two sides to every story and he believes the person who beat up an innocent handcuffed pregnant woman over the innocent handcuffed pregnant woman.

In regards to Montoya’s exceedingly long rap sheet which includes multiple use of force incidents like kicking restrained individuals and a criminal investigation into her conduct, Pena claimed he couldn’t find much about this before hiring her.

KSAT was quick to point out, however, the records related to Montoya’s issues interacting with the public have been readily available online for years.

There you have it folks. Beat a pregnant woman — become an asset. This is the life of the American police officer who has reached “gypsy” status.

With cops like these, who needs criminals?

Article posted with permission from Matt Agorist

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