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Coronavirus: Real Or Not, It Spells Trouble For The People

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Published on: April 10, 2020

For a while now, I have been trying to decide whether the coronavirus pandemic is real or if it is a manufactured crisis for the implementation of a one world government with a total financial reset.  Two articles were written detailing how to protect one’s self and family from getting the virus, which are basic interventions one would use during the influenza season.  But, as we are seeing, the lamestream government-controlled entertainment enemedia and alternative media sites continue to cover rising COVID-19 cases in America.  As it’s been reported now, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has tested positive for the virus.

What no one is talking about is the cost of treatment for individuals with COVID-19 and the coverage of treatment through the insurance program Obamacare.  Remember, despite the individual mandate to purchase “government health care insurance” being repealed, the rules concerning payment of services remains in effect.  Moreover, the Obamacare implementation basically determined for all health care insurance companies what treatments will be covered, have to be covered, and what will be denied.  The Independent Payment Advisory Board under Obamacare never came to fruition;  however, the “rules” concerning who will receive treatment, diagnostic testing for certain diseases based upon age made by the US Preventative Services Task Force, and deductibles and copayments for services are still in effect.  And, of course, no one should forget the unintended consequences of Obamacare, which created a coverage gap among individuals it was “designed” to cover and caught veterinarian services in the unintended consequences net.

It was for these reasons many of us spoke against Obamacare and lobbied for its total repeal.

Now that the US is in the middle of a “pandemic”, how is the health care system and health care insurance system going to function?  That’s the big question and one that is being ignored.

During normal operation, the medical care rule of thumb is “the worst go first”.  So, when presenting to an acute care facility, a triage assessment is performed to determine severity of the presenting problem for need for care.  During wartime, the rule of thumb in the field is “the worst go last” in order to save those who can be saved while conserving resources for future injured.  Those who would take extensive resources to save are left untreated and ultimately will die.  Since Trump has declared a “national emergency” in the US and the national guard has been mobilized in several States, which medical care rule of thumb is going to be applied, taking into consideration the disaster that is Obamacare?

All of this is made on the presumption that the extent of the coronavirus pandemic in the US is a real, not manufactured, event.

Citizens have heard about the situation in other countries where hospitals are stretched to the brink of collapse as individuals are maintained in social isolation using mandatory quarantine policies.  Countries, such as Italy, are having a ventilator shortage, meaning individuals who need assistance to breath may not receive proper treatment because of shortages.  Without that assistance, those individuals will certainly die.

Currently, one can assume the US health care system is operating on the “peace time” rule of thumb – the worst go first.  However, as the virus spreads and our health care system is strained, it is possible citizens could see the use of the “war time” rule of thumb being used to conserve resources.  Add to the mix the intent of Obamacare to limit treatments and diagnostic testing for the elderly, it creates the scenario of rationed care to those Obamacare regulations determine are expendable based upon age alone, without any determination to productivity.  It’s a grim scenario for certain, but one that is to be expected with Obamacare regulations remaining in place.  And, the scenario of rationed care was one that citizens were warned about during the roll out of Obamacare.

For those with “private insurance” coverage, the coverage of services is determined by the Obamacare regulations.  With increasing premiums and deductibles, what will private insurance cover and what will it deny and will coverage be based upon age?  Americans by the millions are now on furlough from jobs until further notice in some industries.  But, insurance premiums still have to be paid, if you are to retain coverage of your health care insurance.  How many Americans will be able to continue their health care insurance coverage without a paycheck?  And, with continuing insurance premiums, how will deductibles and co-pays stack up should one require hospitalization due to the coronavirus?  That is, if this virus is not a hoax.

Assuming the virus is not a hoax, one has to question the pork placed in the coronavirus relief bill that will allow “roughly 500,000 college graduate visa-workers from China, India, and elsewhere to stay in their U.S. jobs, regardless of job losses by American graduates in the economic meltdown, according to a lobby group for H-1B workers”.

The story by Breitbart News indicated:

The measure would prevent U.S. graduates from getting hundreds of thousands of college-grade jobs as the foreign workers’ visas expire — despite the colossal job losses being caused by China’s Wuhan virus.

The rule would even allow foreign H-1B workers who are fired to stay and compete for any jobs that come open during the epidemic.

Didn’t some States just issue “mandatory” closure of schools, daycares, universities, dine-in restaurant services, and bars, along with “non-essential” businesses that put millions of Americans on furlough until further notice?  Yep, they did.  Knowing that millions of Americans are now out of work because of an alleged pandemic, the Federal government, in its infinite wisdom, placed a provision in the coronavirus relief bill to keep H-1B workers in their jobs.

Let me say that the “relief” bill to help small businesses and individuals with bail outs and pay outs is unconstitutional, pandemic or not.  However, this H-1B worker pork attached to the relief bill makes one scratch their head, questioning the reality of coronavirus pandemic spread.  And, this pork barrel rider protects H-1B visa workers and prevents college grads from obtaining jobs held by these foreign workers.  While the State and Federal government exert their power to keep Americans in their homes because of COVID-19, the Federal government is tossing around allowing H-1B visa workers to remain in the US and “compete for any jobs that come open during the epidemic”.  Why not just let Americans stay in their jobs?

Breitbart News reported:

“We have been working behind the scenes to address the immediate concerns of a lot of immigrants,” claimed the Facebook post by Immigration Voice, which was posted around 5.oo PM EST.  The group continued:

We take some solace to report, Immigration Voice has convinced the House to include a provision in the upcoming stimulus bill which says – in light of the indefinite closing of USCIS offices and U.S. embassies and consulates around the world, all existing lawful immigration statuses and EADs [Employment Authortization Documents] will be automatically extended for 1 year from the date the legislation is enacted. As per the current language, if you have an H4 EAD, it will be extended for a year. If you have an H-1B about to expire, it will be renewed and you can remain here even if furloughed until the crisis is over.

We need the Senate to agree to add the language into its stimulus in order for the doctors and other critical care workers we have in our community to be able to treat patients and go to work without fear of losing their status if they die. Please call your Senators and make sure they understand the importance of this provision and of the work you do.

Immigration Voice claims to be an independent group, but reportedly works closely with Compete America, an advocacy group formed by the nation’s major tech companies, nearly all of whom employees large blocs of Indian and Chinese visa-workers in jobs that could be filled by young American graduates.

The coalition or group that is Immigration Voice boasts high-profile members such as Facebook, Cisco Systems, the American Immigration Lawyers Association, Google, Microsoft, and the US Chamber of Commerce.  Many of these entities employ visa workers from China and India.  Moreover, this pork barrel rider allows the Department of Homeland Security to move ahead with bringing an additional 85,000 H-1B visa workers into the US despite the pandemic and lock down of millions of Americans.  Breitbart News asked a spokesman for DHS if any curbs were being considered this year in awarding of H-1B visas due to the virus.  The answer – “No changes at this time”.

No changes at this time?  Most all countries have epidemics of coronavirus.  So, from what country will these foreign workers come?  What if these individuals have coronavirus?  Americans are being asked to stay home if sick and some have lost all their wages if working in businesses that were closed by the State or “requested” to close by the State.  But, the federal government wants to “protect” the wages and jobs of H-1B visa foreign workers already here while looking to import more from countries ravaged with coronavirus.

So, either coronavirus is a hoax or the federal government is setting up Americans to fail, resulting in significant losses, and participating in a “reset” to sell the US out to a global authority;  or, the coronavirus is real and the traitorous members of Congress are setting up Americans to fail, resulting in significant losses, and participating in a “reset” to sell the US out to a global authority.  Either way, we all lose.

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