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Could Pamela Geller Have Addressed the Next Jihadist in America at Brooklyn College? See For Yourself

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Published on: April 25, 2015

Well, I have to tell you, Pamela Geller is quite the woman! She stepped into the lion’s den this past week, having accepted an invitation to speak to students at Brooklyn College. However, what was amazing to watch was the complete disrespect of so many that were there, many of which appeared to be either Islamists or supporters of Islamists and jihad.

Don’t believe me? Watch for yourself and see not only the boldness, but the composure that Geller demonstrates as she addresses both adults and adolescents… and maybe the next jihadist that makes the news.

During the Q&A session, though many attacked her, she pointed out that she has stood up for the women in Islam. Geller has indeed done that. She has been at the heart of trying to care for women who are fleeing Islam. She has exposed the “honor killing” (we call it murder) of Islamists both in America and abroad. She has been the one to look out after women who don’t want to wear hijab, which can often end in a beating or a death. Yet, here’s Geller standing her ground amidst the persecution of Islamic “useful idiots.”

So, what else happened? Well, at least many spoke out ignorantly, of course. There was this little darling. Obviously, this is girl who has been brainwashed by the Islamists and leftists in the university, or maybe the hate might be more apparent if she actually looked in the mirror.


Or what of this little Muslim sympathizer? By the way, the claims of Muslims engaging in bestiality (as well as sodomy) is widely documented. Furthermore, all these people can do with the issue of Hitler and his ties to Islam is shout and shoot, but the historical evidence is actually on Geller’s side… and they know it! BTW, Miss Smarty Pants thought she was clever to give out her email address. I suggest that some American patriots school her on what it means to be an American (Please be polite. We’re not like these people.)


Notice that she claims that they are there to protect themselves, Muslims and Arab students. Why do they need that protection when Muslim Brotherhood front groups and designated terror groups like the Council on American-Islamic Relations are ready and willing to do that? The obvious question is, from whom Gul? Who was threatening anyone? Who was calling for a jihad against them? Was someone rigging explosives to murder them? Did Geller have a machete behind her back, ready to saw off someone’s head? Oh, silly me! I forgot, only those who hold to the religion of Muhammad do things like that… and you’re protecting them.

All was not bad though. At least one supporter of Geller wrote to encourage her and tell her what she sensed in the room, which should be quite evident to anyone watching the video. Here’s what she wrote:

Dear Ms. Geller:

I came to hear you speak at Brooklyn College last night, and I agree that the behavior of the students was disgraceful—and frightening. When I first arrived and saw the large number of Muslims in attendance, I wondered if there might actually be some intelligent discourse with them. I would have liked to ask if any considered themselves moderate. Are they appalled at the actions of ISIS, and if so where are there voices against such atrocities?

But these young people showed themselves just a few seconds into your speech. They were unruly brats intent on disrupting the event. And—although an administrator had warned the students beforehand that anyone showing disruptive behavior would be ejected—he and Brooklyn College campus police stood by and did nothing.

So many of today’s college students seem to want to shut down the entire First Amendment. If anyone says anything they disagree with, they react with childish rants. If a speaker has a different point of view on say, the so-called “rape culture” on college campuses, students issue “trigger warnings” and retreat to “safe rooms” designed to comfort those who have been traumatized by someone’s having disagreed with them. Apparently, college has turned into overpriced nursery school.

Last night, there was a frightening dimension to the hecklers. Many appeared to have been brainwashed. I wonder how many of those young women, for example, will wind up traveling to the Middle East to become “jihadi wives.” And how many of those young men will wind up joining ISIS or forming similar groups here in the U.S.?

I appreciate what you do, and I admire your courage in continuing to speak before such an unruly mob.

Best regards,


In the aftermath of Geller’s Q&A, there are chants of “free Palestine” and other rhetoric.

One guy responded: “I couldn’t understand what he said, but that b*tch deserves a brick to her f***ing head.”


As a final note, take a good look at these faces from the event. After all, we are told Islam is a “religion of peace,” right? But time and time again, those that involve themselves in jihad attacks are later covered for by those closest to them as peaceful and loving right up to the moment they go jihad. Is anyone buying this? I submit to you that you could be looking at a future jihadist in these photos, and I think their obvious disrespect and unruly behavior only goes to demonstrate what we are going to have to deal with in America in this and future generations.







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