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Could This Be The Clearest Evidence Presented By The Mockingbird Media That Indicates The Texas School Shooting Was A False Flag? (Video)

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Published on: May 30, 2022

We have seen lots of evidence via the Mockingbird media’s sloppy reporting and the ridiculous antics of the police on the scene at the alleged school shooting in Uvalde, Texas.  However, the two clips you are about to see, one from CNN and one from MSNBC, are the clearest examples that this was a false flag operation.

We have two dads with the same daughter.  Now, is it possible they are sodomites?  It’s possible, but highly doubtful.  They are passing the same girl off as their daughter. Take a look.

Also, notice that there isn’t hardly anyone in the background.  You would think with an event like this, there would be people everywhere.  It’s like they are not even trying to make it appear genuine and the people virtually show no emotion in any of these interviews.

But that’s not all.

We also had this “mom” and “dad” looking for “the daughter,” whose age they knew but not her grade.  There seems to be little to no emotion going on here.

Then there’s the excuses of the Texas Lieutenant who continually praised “the brave men and women of law enforcement” while with the same mouth saying cops didn’t go into the school for fear of getting shot.  Sounds like cowardice to me.

Suspiciously, he did say that cops went in to get their own kids while they tasered, cuffed and threatened parents who either wanted to rush in to save their kids or begged them to do it.

This isn’t over. There will, no doubt, be more footage and inconsistencies in the Mockingbird media’s story in the coming days. Stay tuned.

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