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COVID-19 Is Really The Phony Flu

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Published on: April 11, 2020

On the local news the other day I saw a doctor I know and respect. I actually have been this doctor’s patient and have trusted him for many years. The thing I liked about this doctor is how honest he is. If I remember correctly, when he opened up his current clinic, probably more than a decade or more ago, I think I remember him saying he wanted to bring back some of the things that medicine was losing. Like, more time with the patient, maybe even house calls.

The reason I said all these things about Senator and Doctor Scott Jensen is that on the news he was disclosing how the governor of our state was refusing to disclose the data that is being used in the modeling to determine how long the state will be kept on lockdown, and that the Department of Health had sent him a 7-page document couching him on filing out Death Certificates.

The newsman interviewing Dr. Jensen was stunned. So was I. I was probably stunned for different reasons. The newsman was probably learning for the first time that the government is cooking the books. I was surprised to see a Doctor coming forward and admitting that the Department of health is, (in my words) telling Doctors to lie on death certificates. I am also surprised that the news is reporting that the government is (in my opinion) cooking the books.

This is very important. If they need to be this open about cooking the books by saying pneumonia and flu deaths are COVID-19, their ability to continue the fraud must be dwindling. I have never said people are not getting sick. I have never said people have not died. I have always said we need to be skeptical of these people, because we know they lie. We also know that people regularly die from the flu and pneumonia. Death is part of life, telling a lie about how the death occurred, will not stop death, it will likely cause more death.

That is why I wrote:  Government wants the power to save you even if it destroys you. I started that article by saying:

“The current belief by many is that the government has to order us to stay home or COVID-19 will spread so bad that many people will die. Ok, for the sake of argument we will act as if that is true. We will only call it true to evaluate if it should be allowed to continue. My position is that it does not matter if it is true or not true. The reason for that is because they have eliminated everyone’s rights, for their claimed goal, to save some people’s lives.”

When I said: “My position is that it does not matter if it is true or not true.” It was for the sake of argument, in the context of countering all their arguments for stealing our Constitutional Rights in the false promise of protecting us. Obviously, it is extremely important that the public wakes up, and stops believing people that have repeatedly lied.

I went on further in my article, Is Saving Life all that matters? Does it justify force?, to show that simply claiming the goal to save lives does not give the government unlimited power and can cause even more death if unlimited power is allowed to happen.

Dr. Jensen has done something extremely important to restore the credibility of the medical community. He has told the truth, even though he may suffer for it. Dr. Jensen would be praised if he repeated the lies and filled out the phony death certificates as the Department of Health was suggesting. When I say suggesting, it is really like getting a suggestion from the mafia, you know, “an offer you cannot refuse”. Dr. Jensen is showing what true character really is, the willingness to be punished for doing what is right. People should be punished for doing wrong. People should be punished for not telling the truth. People should not be punished for telling the truth, exposing corruption, doing what is right. Even though that is usually what happens these days. However, that is our fault for allowing it to go on. It is our failure to demand truth that allows it to continue.

Men like Dr. Jensen are hard to come by these days. Ask yourself, do you think it was easy doing what Dr. Jensen did? Those of us working in health care love our profession. We are like family with our coworkers. We want to be loyal to each other. The people I have a bond with in Ambulance work is as tight as the bounds we had in the military. We protect each other’s backs.

As in the military, the one thing we cannot protect is treason. The traitor cannot be protected, because the traitor will destroy everything we love so dear. The Department of Health has betrayed all of us when they sent Dr. Jensen the 7-page document couching him on filing out Death Certificates. Dr. Jensen showed true loyalty to us all in exposing this despicable deception.

Dr. Jensen as Senator Jensen has also done something extremely important. He has given me hope. I was starting to believe there was no one willing to take a stand in government. No one to do what is right. At least there is one decent man at our capital. Courage is like a seed hopefully it grows. Whether or not it grows, is now up to you. What are you going to do?

The head of the Department of Health should be fired. Nothing that has been reported can be believed. If the Governor does not immediately fire the head of the Department of Health, the Governor should be removed from office. Anyone in the legislature who does not take immediate action to end this lockdown now, should be voted out of office, and replaced with people who care about honest numbers, and correct data for the modeling. The Department of Health has no credibility. I will not believe anything they say.

If we have a huge surge and many people die, it will not be because we should have believed people that lied. The unnecessary deaths will be a result of the Department of Health betraying us, by sending out 7-page documents couching doctors on filling out Death Certificates. Obviously Dr. Jensen is not the only doctor the Department of Health sent those documents to. Since Dr. Jensen is the only one I have seen speak out, the other doctor’s credibility is in question until they join Dr. Jensen and speak out as well. If people cannot trust their doctors we have severe problems. Credibility can only be restored by honesty and accountability for the people that deceived us.

In my article Government wants the power to save you even if it destroys you. I ended that article by saying:

“If you really care about this country, and our rights, fight for them now. Call all your state representatives, federal representatives. Call your governor and the president. Tell them you will gladly die for this country. Even if it is COVID-19 that takes your life in the name of freedom, as the song says, “all gave some, and some gave all.” Do not let them die in vain, please. Melt the phone lines down call the radio stations. Tell the people who are elected, if they do not stop this, you will. Tell them you will vote for freedom, and you will vote them out of office. Tell them you will organize to impeach the judges that have interpreted our rights away.”

That is even more important now that the lies are starting to be exposed. We need to expose all the lies and hold all the people accountable.

Where do you stand? Can we count on you? If not now When?

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