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COVID-19 & The Wearing Of Masks By Children – Is It Sound Scientific Fact Or A Total Lack Of Common Sense?

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Published on: April 1, 2021

There is a commercial that plays on TV all day every day.  A small child wearing a costume looking like a young Batman and a voice calling out “Be a superhero — wear a mask.”  Then there are the stupid people who think it’s funny to don a black cloth mask covering everything but their eyes bending over a small baby as the wails of crying come out of the baby.  They post this on social media thinking it’s comical.  It’s not.

So how will this all play out from a common-sense perspective a few years down the road?  Children started out in this pandemic seeing their world covered in masks — no smiles, no frowns, no tears, no facial expressions.  Then it evolved into covering young children’s faces with masks right before schools shut down, sports activities were halted, churches had restrictions put on them and in many cases forced to close, visits with extended family were a thing of the past.  No hugs from grandma and grandpa, no holiday get-togethers, no vacations, and the list grew and grew.  Granted there has been some sanity recently where restrictions have slowly been lifted, but then the fear-mongering agencies such as the Center for Disease Control (CDC) throws something out to perpetuate more fear and to see what will stick to the wall.

Before the scientific information is added in this article, here is what likely will occur in a relatively short period of time regarding the most vulnerable — our children.

There will be a diagnosis made such as ADHD or PTSD only this will be made relative to the psychological (and possible medical) damage made to children.  Multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies will fast-track a drug to the FDA with a treatment for children traumatized by seeing faces, including their own, covered by superhero character masks, sports team masks or black face coverings, as well as the social isolation.  And there will always be mental health counseling either in person or the now accepted online treatment utilizing zoom conferencing.

CDC’s own February 2021 double-mask study reported that masking may impede breathing – which can trigger a variety of other problems including acute anxiety attacks in susceptible individuals. These harms are even more likely to occur to children, particularly smaller children.

Margarite Griesz-Brisson MD, PhD, who is one of Europe’s leading neurologists and neurophysiologists focused on neurotoxicology, environmental medicine, neuro-regeneration and neuroplasticity. She has gone on record stating: “The rebreathing of our exhaled air will without a doubt create oxygen deficiency and a flooding of carbon dioxide. We know that the human brain is very sensitive to oxygen deprivation.” There are neurons, for example in the hippocampus that cannot survive more than 3 minutes without an adequate supply of oxygen. Given that such cells are so sensitive to oxygen deprivation, their functionality must be affected by low oxygen levels. Given that the development of neurodegenerative diseases can take years to develop, then what are the potentially deleterious effects of the use of masks, especially in children, when masks are used over the majority of their day? We and particularly parents, must consider this and weigh the benefits versus the harms. Are there benefits enough to warrant use relative to the potential harms? If the harms outweigh the benefits, then we cannot in good conscience advocate for mask use. Moreover, the continual and stressful impacts of masking (and school closures) will also have a known and deleterious impact on the immune systems in children (and adults).”

Decades ago, and prior to 24-hour news broadcasts and social media, we were immersed in a polio epidemic.  Parents were protective of their children but were not guided by fear, and ever-changing “follow the science.”  There was no social isolation, no school closings, no mask-wearing.  What there was amounted to “common sense.”

When the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry produces a pill to deal with the physical and mental trauma of children and masks, the FDA can fast-track it to become the new Ritalin or Adderall.  May I suggest they name the pill “the new normal.”

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