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COVID-1984: From A 2-Week Lockdown To Mandatory Vaccination & Life In Prison (Video)

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Published on: August 25, 2020

No mandatory vaccines you say?  Apparently not, as Virginia’s Health Commissioner says he’ll mandate a COVID-19 vaccine, something I’m not sure he actually has the authority to do as he is a bureaucrat and not a part of the legislature, which has the authority to legislate and last time I looked, they don’t have the authority to legislate such a vaccine.  Still, the alleged “virus,” which has yet to be proven to even exist and with a death rate below half a percent, continues to be the battering ram to pulverize the rights of the American people.

Americans have gone from being lied to about the virus, to pushing to “flatten the curve” over a two-week lockdown to stealing our wealth to the tune of trillions of dollars to indebting us and our children to closures of businesses to fines and imprisonment.  When does it end?  I’ll tell you:  When the people have truly had enough and throw the liars and criminals out of office in DC and their state and local governments.

Investigative journalist Spiro Skouras reported recently on this topic and his report on what’s about to be rolled out should anger Americans to the point of doing exactly what I just wrote in the previous line.

Unfortunately, COVID-1984 continues to escalate. We were initially told that we would need to have a temporary two-week lockdown to ‘flatten the curve.’

Six months later, we are still in lockdown and now mandatory vaccination policies are being rolled out in addition to severe penalties for violating mandates which include life in prison!

We have seen cases where people have been forcibly removed from their home by the police, in front of their families, and have been forced into quarantine.

All of this in response to a virus with a 99+% survival rate, which multiple world-renowned experts believe originated in a laboratory funded by the US government.

Watch the full video report for free and decide for yourself.

Sources mentioned in this video report include the following.

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Pope Francis backs ‘universal’ COVID vaccination ‘for all’, WHO thrilled

Renowned European scientist: COVID-19 was engineered in China lab, effective vaccine ‘unlikely’

NIH Cancels Funding for Bat Coronavirus Research Project

Athletes at World Military Games may have brought coronavirus to Europe

U.S. Federal Reserve to Collaborate with MIT in Development of CBDC (Digital Dollar)

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