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COVID Corrupted Test Data Exposed

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Published on: November 28, 2020

I saw something the other day that I found rather amazing. Stay Safe MN has put out a notice which states: “Get Tested for Covid-19, Open to everyone, Symptoms or no symptoms, Free, no insurance needed.”

I have been getting frustrated lately at how so many people are ultra-focused on the bad and how very few are seeing the good. For example, all the Big Tech companies shutting so many of us down is a good thing. When your enemy confesses that the only way they can win an argument with you is by not letting you speak, thank them. Why would we want to keep making them rich by letting them use our valuable content without paying us? It is time to make our own people rich and not them. A bad thing becomes a good thing, however, only if we do what we should do. Take the control away from them, do not beg.

In my article, COVID: The Real Numbers Say A Lot, I showed how the Covid-19 numbers are actually good and we now have proof that they are horribly deceptive about the masks being effective. Again, that is good news. Our enemies have been caught being deceptive. Instead of whining about it, we need to tell everyone we can. If you know someone who wears masks give them a copy of my article and ask them why they are being so gullible. Explain to them that we are hurting the children of this country and it is time we refuse to obey people that are using deception to get power to do evil things. Be strong, not weak.  The future of the country depends on you. Rise to the occasion.

Back to what I saw, I have been alive for more than half of a century, never have I saw something like this. “Get Tested for Covid-19, Open to everyone.” Really? Why? Why would you test healthy people who are not sick? As well as, “Symptoms or no symptoms.” No symptoms indicate there is no sickness.  Why would they look for a problem where there is no problem? Why make people scared when that makes things worse? “Free, no insurance needed.” The old saying “You get what you pay for” is true.  Who is paying for this and what are they really getting?

You have been lied to for a long time. For many years we have been told to only believe the experts. We have been doing that for so long that now it is obvious that they are not experts, but that they are indeed con men with an agenda.  We now listen to them out of habit. We need to stop listening to the media that is deceptive. If our doctor does not tell us the truth, we need a new doctor. The power is ours, not theirs.

Take a look at it and think about it. “Symptoms or no symptoms.”  That tells you a lot. As I said in my other article, so few people are getting sick that they now need to get healthy people to get tested in order that they can use the false positives to try and save their story, the story that is collapsing from the weight of their deception. I know they claim healthy people can make other people sick, but a study in Wuhan China published in the Journal of Nature proved that asymptomatic persons do not pass on an infection. Even the Communist Chinese are being more honest than our own media and government, at least about this.  Do not think I consider them honest either.

Never in my entire life have I witnessed the media and the government exposing themselves to be so dishonest and so deceptive. Instead of our side celebrating that exposure and saying there is no way people will allow forced vaccination from people so corrupt, most of the people on our side continue to say we are going to get forced vaccinated and we are going to get the great reset, and on and on and on.

Look, a medical system that needs to call healthy people sick is a system that is collapsing. Do not fear them. As Nietzsche said “That which is falling deserves to be pushed,” so push them, do not save them. Nietzsche was talking about nihilism and how it is threatening to the foundations of civilization. Rather than hide from it, Nietzsche thought we should embrace it so we could get past it. I am not saying we should embrace the false testing and the false Covid-19 numbers.  I am saying we should get past them. We need to stop giving them power by fearing them. Some people fear them because they believe them and some fear the great reset or forced vaccination that they believe will come from them. STOP THE FEAR.

The reason I quote Nietzsche is that nihilism is the rejection of all religious and moral principles in the belief that life is meaningless. Look around, the same people pushing the Covid-19 deception are pushing nihilism. They may not use the word, but they are pushing its meaning. Nihilism is failed thinking. The people that believe it are on the road to ruin. I do not want to embrace it.  I want to move to get past it. You should, too.

My life is not meaningless. I am a Christian. Being a Christian gives my life meaning. My family gives my life meaning. Helping people as an Emergency Medical Technician gives my life meaning. Reject those people, do not fear them. Bill Gates is just an evil man that should be put in prison. The only difference between Charles Manson and Adolf Hitler was people put Charles Manson in prison and people gave Adolf Hitler power. Do not give Bill Gates power, demand his arrest. Be the difference.  Take his power away, do not add to it.

The media is collapsing.  Do not fear them.

World government is collapsing.  Do not fear those that push it.  See them for what they are.  They are so weak that deception is their only hope.

Western medicine has destroyed itself by being dishonest. It is destroyed.  It may not appear like it, but it is. Healthy systems do not need government force and deception. We need to accept that and move on. We need to build something new, medical care that is honest that will replace this failure. The sooner we do it, the better it will be. Trying to save a failure is a waste of time.

It is time to push, not fear.  So, start pushing.


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