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COVID Has Caused Mass Delusional Psychosis

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Published on: February 24, 2021

I watched a couple of videos recently.  The first video was a radio interview of Dr. Mark McDonald.  Check it out.

The second video is a talk Dr. McDonald gave at the White Coat Summit 2.

In these two videos, Dr. Mark McDonald did an excellent job of explaining the problems that people are having psychologically from the COVID lockdowns. Many people are going to say, “Who cares, I am tired of COVID.” Well, if you are tired of it, you better care because it will not end until you do something about it.

Many people keep saying, “There is nothing I can do, let somebody else do it.” The problem with that thinking is there is not enough somebody elses to solve this problem. Once you have this many people psychologically damaged, it takes a large number of people to get everyone back to normal.

Our young population has been horribly harmed by the lockdowns and the adult population’s failure to protect them from a huge number of people who let their fear control them instead of thinking things through and realizing they were being lied to.

I realize people have heard enough statistics. Even if COVID would have killed more people this year than normal, which it did not, it would not have justified destroying so many people’s lives. If you destroyed them to save them, you did not save them.

Back on April 30, 20219 I wrote an article about a book I read. This book, if you would have read it, would have prepared you for what we are going through now. The problem with most people is they just read history, but they do not apply history. That is also a problem most people have when they read the Bible. If the Bible or the history book said if you stick your hand in the wood chipper, you will lose your hand, then we should then teach that history in the schools and churches, and then not see anyone with their hand missing from shoving them in the wood chipper. The problem we are seeing today is the churches and schools are teaching the children that they should make the same mistakes of the past, if not make worse mistakes.

If you think you can be unharmed when so many people are suffering, you are mistaken. We need to step up and take responsibility for our children’s future. In the first paragraph of my article I wrote:

Most people have not heard of this book written by Charles Mackay. Even better than just hearing about this book, it would be better for most people to read it. It would be even better yet if most people not only read the book but they also apply what they learn from the book to what they see today. Why? Because it shows how a large number of people believed things that were not true and how believing untrue things harmed them. Reading this book teaches you that if you blindly go along with the crowd, you are choosing to be part of the problem, instead of choosing to be part of the solution. I know in an age of the media acting like polls prove something we should believe in that people may not be able to accept that concept. However, this book proves it does not matter what the majority believes, it only matters what is true. You can either accept that or suffer the consequences of the failure to verify truth.

Does that not apply even more now? The masks are a perfect example. On my box of Walgreens Ear Loop Face Masks, it plainly states:

Warning THIS MASK IS NOT A RESPIRATOR. This product is intended for general purpose infection control practices. When properly worn, it reduces potential contact by the wearer to blood and bodily fluids but DOES NOT eliminate the risk of contracting any disease or infection. Change mask immediately if splashed with blood or bodily fluid.

That is the reality. If you looked at the mask under an electron microscope, the mask would look like a chain link fence, and the virus would look like gnats flying through it. It does not matter what anyone says, that is the size difference. That is the reality. Obviously, the mask manufacturers are not going to continue in the lie.

Sometimes you can dual use some things. A blacksmith may try and use his anvil as a boat anchor. That may even work. However, the anvil will not work as a parachute. Yes, an anvil will not work as a parachute even if Anthony Fauci gets on TV says it will. Yes, even if Anthony Fauci gets on TV and says two anvils will work as a parachute it still will not work.

The problem with Mass Delusional Psychosis is reality does not matter. It is not supposed to look rational, that is why it is delusional. The problem is participating in it only makes it worse. If the delusional people see the sane people wearing masks, they think they are normal. They will strap that anvil on their back and jump out of the plane while Anthony Fauci says it will be a light landing and we cannot go back to normal until everyone does.

In my article, I wrote:

The preface of the book has a fabulous statement that I have thought of a lot when I watch the world today: “Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.” Charles Mackay wrote this after studying the many ways people and nations had done some very crazy things. He started the preface by stating: “In reading the history of nations, we find that, like individuals, they have their whims and their peculiarities; their seasons of excitement and recklessness, when they care not what they do.”

That applies to now more than ever. If you try and discuss why someone is wearing a mask, “they care not what they do.”  They only care that you do it too. Do not join them.

Do not give the people suffering from Mass Delusional Psychosis your stupidity to hide behind. The book said, “While they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.” We know they will recover their senses. Tulipmania is not going on today. Tulipmania would have ended sooner back then if the sane people would have stopped joining in.

How soon our Mass Delusional Psychosis ends, is up to you, and all the other people who need to join me in my sanity. Give people an example to follow. Our young people’s future depends on you.

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