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Create the Emergency Media Response Truth Team!

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Published on: September 6, 2014

Within the past few weeks, we saw Al Sharpton parading through the streets of Ferguson.

Jesse Jackson spent time there, too, even asking for money from the citizens of Ferguson.

The Left has a saying: never let a crisis go to waste.

I watched the “reverends” on the news, day and night, and I felt incredibly sad for Ferguson and for the lives that will never change when Americans are led to believe the solutions to our problems are the same that have been pushed for 50 years!

But it doesn’t have to be like this!

— Imagine pastors from my network in St. Louis holding their own press conference!

— Imagine the powerful voices in my pastor network who will stand up for America in the media!

— Imagine pastors standing up to Eric Holder and the NAACP and what they have in store for our communities and our country!

The pastors I’ve worked with through the years are ready to take on Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson — they’ve seen the damage progressives like them have created in their communities for half a century!

That’s why it’s time to create an Emergency Media Response Truth Team among all of the pastors in my network across America.

Our pastors need media skills, now more than ever!

Will you sponsor pastor media training so my pastors will know how to respond with a clear and effective message during a crisis?

If so, click and follow this link to create the Emergency Media Response Truth Team and donate $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or even $2,500 right now.

Friend, let’s lift up their voices!

As I type, the Left spends millions of dollars from people like George Soros to train activists to manage — and even create — a crisis to insert their propaganda.

We just saw what they did today with their minimum-wage protests across the country — and this is just the beginning.

And Jesse Jackson is right — there will be more Fergusons! He’ll make sure of it!

We can’t afford to be silent anymore!

Let’s give the tools to our pastors in all of our metro areas — including St. Louis — who will learn how to speak with the media, what they can say as pastors, and the confidence to just speak the truth while the NAACP is marching through their community.

Our movement is growing. But Ferguson should be a wake-up call that conservatives need a force on the ground who can speak out for truth when it’s under assault.

Unite with me, once again, and you will see the power of your investment in my work when pastors stand-up to the extremist progressives who take advantage of tragedies to push their radical agenda onto every American.


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