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Creation Apologetics Ministry Files Suit Against State for Tax Rebate Discrimination

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Published on: February 7, 2015

We have reported over and over and over and over the push by atheists to keep Christians from sharing their faith and freedom in the presence of nonbelievers. They threaten, sue and protest to kick Christians out of the public square. Once again, this is happening in Kentucky. This time it is over a sales tax rebate offered to everyone… unless they are religious. reports:

Ken Ham, the founder and president of the biblical creation and apologetic ministry Answers in Genesis (AIG), will file a federal lawsuit this week against officials in the state of Kentucky for denying its upcoming Ark Encounter participation in the state’s sales tax rebate incentive program.

Kentucky passed a law that provided a partial rebate on sales tax for amusement parks. This incentive was called the Tourism Development Act. This rebate would go to any organization that built new attractions within the state. It was meant to reward those who were attracting tourism to the state. AIG’s new amusement park is now being denied this incentive.

Christiannews further reports:

AIG was initially approved for the rebate, but following outcry from atheists and church-state separation groups, the decision was overturned. State officials say that the hangup they have over allowing the rebate under the tourism incentive is that the Ark Encounter is religious in nature.

Ham spoke with Freedom Guard attorney Mike Johnson about the suit, which surrounds its soon-coming amusement park based on the Book of Genesis.

Johnson said that the issue was over the fact that AIG was being denied this rebate, simply because they were religious. He said:

“It’s very well established and federal and state law that religious organizations get to be treated just like any other in a program like this. When you have a facially neutral tax incentive program that the government effectively opens to all applicants, just because an applicant happens to be religious does not mean that they can … be excluded from the program just because of their viewpoint.”

The issue is one of cowardice on the part of the State of Kentucky. They simply do not want to have to be bothered by these atheists. The atheists, like the sodomites, have become special class citizens. If they begin to complain or threaten, many cave to their demands. We have given them special rights by proxy.  Laws are made, changed, or ignored to please these “special” groups.

I hope AIG takes this to court and takes the State of Kentucky to the cleaners. I hope it cost the State Millions. This kind of action is the only thing that will bring us back on a path of justice. We have, for far too long, allowed the less than 5% of our country to drive the bus. We must make it too costly to fight.

If you do not like AIG’s new park, don’t go. Otherwise, sit down and shut up!

Will Christians have the courage and boldness to stand for truth? Can we, like Christ, overturn some tables and crack some whips? I hope in the case of Ham and AIG, they will.


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