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The Creation that Ignores the Creator

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Published on: December 10, 2014

I recently was at a place where I could sit and do a lot of people watching.  It is so interesting to see how God made all different types of people in this world.  There are short people, fat people, Spanish people, Brazilian people, white people, black people and all the rest.  There are parents with their children, children who boss their parents, and everybody is in a hurry to do their own thing. They are so busy with their entertainment, sports, activities, vacations, and everything in between, that as I was sitting amidst all the hustle and bustle, I couldn’t help but think about all of God’s Creation that ignore their Creator.

Just think, without God our Father they would not even be here, but yet, it is so amazing and saddening to see that God is seemingly not in all their thoughts (Psalms 10:4).

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Who gave you life? Who gave you breath? Who gave you eyes to see, ears to hear, feet to stand, and everything else?  Who gave you the voice to sing? Who gave you the ability to play, a brain to think with, taste buds to taste good food with, and so much more?

How many of you have ever stopped to truly and sincerely thank the Lord for his goodness? Now, I’m not talking about a mere “thank you Jesus.” What I’m talking about is a sincere look in depth at all your many blessings.  It is only natural that the Creation should worship its Creator, but how many Americans today, or people in the world for that matter, even take a moment to do that very thing?  

Many times it takes tragedy to strike before people even turn to God.  People are so busy with their own lives that for some of them, their only chance for Heaven and a life spent serving the Lord here on this earth, is for the Lord to get their attention in a drastic way!  

Some people feel they have to try everything in life to know if they would like it or not (including bad things).  I am trying to figure out the reasoning behind that. I once heard a brilliant man of God say, “I don’t have to get hit by a bus, to know I wouldn’t like it.” Anything can keep your heart and mind off of the Creator, even a worship of your own self!

So what is you’re excuse?  Why do you ignore God?  What is it in this life that is more important than your eternal salvation (Mark 8:36)?  This earth is temporal, Heaven or Hell is forever.  

Some of you need a wake-up call today.  Some of you need a down right smack in the face to get your attention!  Others of you are stubborn and want to do things you’re own way.  I’ll tell you what, you can do your own thing and take your own road, but I can tell you this with absolute certainty – all roads will lead to the judgment seat of Christ (2 Corinthians 5:10)! You can choose to ignore God, but sooner or later He will have your undivided attention. You will have to make a choice whether it will be in this life or the next.  The only difference is, in the next life it will be too late!

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