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Crisis Alignment: The Connection Between The COVID-19 Lockdown, USMCA, WIOA & Education

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Published on: June 2, 2020

Anti Fed Ed Warriors, you’ve seen my vast research and many articles about the workforce training aspect of education. You may remember I’ve been able to expose how badly the USMCA (United State-Mexico-Canada Agreement) is setting up education to fail in academics, but more than excel in workforce training for life. If you don’t read any of my articles on this, at least listen to the interview I gave on the crushing blows USMCA is beginning to dole out to us.

However, is there a connection between the wave of small businesses closing down due to COVID-19, the USMCA, and WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act)? If so, how is this harming education in America? Especially with the push for digital learning?

All these questions and others related will be addressed.
In the above image, you see the international bureaucracy USMCA set up. The “E” denotes each committee impacting education in some way. There is no specific labor committee. Jobs/labor are split into almost every one of these you see. If you’d like to see an enlarged version, go here(The image will be at the 6:56 time stamp. You’ll not see the “E”s. That was my added emphasis in a screen shot.)

Because work is in almost every committee, that means the ones where education is also present, you’ll see a direction connection. Because small businesses rely on workers, this means, they too, will be lumped in alignment and reform.

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Warriors, did you notice that the big store employers like WalMart, Home Depot, Target, Lowe’s Home Improvement, and, others like them stayed open during the COVID-19 lockdowns? Those very same corporate giants are in the CCSS Machine! Each one of those I listed actively contributes, to this day, to increase the CTE (Career Tech Education) and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and, Math) in education. CTE and STEM are Common Core aligned and both have roots in the United Nations. 

Warriors, did you notice, or are you seeing, small business after small business close during all this? Sure you did. How many will reopen? How many will be forever closed? What is this going to do the local economies? What does this mean for individual families? For example, PA has been credited with having such a strong presence in the country’s overall economy. It’s also being reported that the mid-section of PA is being hit the hardest, as far as loss of jobs, most from small businesses.

lazy_placeholder(Image source)

It means government control in every aspect of our lives. In the reported news from PA, I linked to you, bailouts from the local government, the State, and, federal levels can be seen. Add to that, that huge corporations like Amazon, have seen profits soar due to the digital shopping we’ve been almost forced into.

The data is a tracking device, we know that. (Answer to at least one of our questions in the opening of this article.)

                                        Warriors, do you see the connections yet?!

If not, look at the image below. It’s also from PA. Look at the final number of small businesses unable to get government aid just to stay open. It’s 33,000. There’s no report of how many employees each of these 33,000 businesses have, so the financial damage goes well beyond 33,000!




Warriors, that’s an image I created a while back to illustrate just how intersecting Common Core was in CTE, STEM/STEAM, Higher Education, and, workforce readinessESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) embedded WIOA, STEM, and, the HEA (Higher Education Act). ESSA also mandated for regional skill based education (aka: CBE, Competency Based Education). ESSA also mandated all education be aligned to the SAME thing!

So, how is COVID-19 playing into this?
1) Those big corporations are hiring more and more workers, aren’t they? Where are those workers coming from?
Either out of work employees or from small businesses now closed.
2) Those big corporations all back the CCSS Machine, don’t they? More employees means more control. For example, if you’re that out of luck business owner, those benefits look mighty good about now. However, the price is freedom from being your own boss; is gone. Your independence, on a personal level, has been usurped.
3) Those big corporations pay local, State, and, federal taxes (or at least they should). These taxes help provide government services, right? Those government services are growing by leaps and bounds in the name of safety from COVID-19.

To answer how WIOA and the USMCA intersect, with or without, COVID-19, you need only look at your State’s Workforce Development Plans. For example, AZ has “Arizona Works”. Under WIOA funding streams, Title I and Title II, you’ll see the CTE/STEM woven into it all. Be sure to check your State.

lazy_placeholderBecause of other federal funds, the AZ Works uses its 12 regional workforce development areas to data track job readiness. This feeds off, not only education data, but labor (hence the combination of Student Longitudinal Data Systems and Workforce Quality Data Initiatives), too. These funds also support and provide for public private partnerships (P3s). Under the USMCA and WIOA, this means AZ has an active workforce development project with Mexico. (Find that on page 15 of the AZ Works Report) *Note: The State level “Works” programs thrive off of virtual traffic on-line, so MORE data tracking can take place. During COVID-19, we’re seeing an increase in educational settings for tracking where students are. Connected job programs are, too!

From TXHYPE (Helping Youth Prepare for Employment). This emphasized screen shot reveals the true agenda of what education’s become: job skill institutions. HYPE can be found in KS, too. If you search the internet, you can find pdf documents for the Sept. 2019 Executive Committee meeting notes. (will automatically download to your computer). In that, you’ll see KS and TX met at least once to streamline services.

lazy_placeholderTo see the image, full size, go here.
Be sure to check your State, too.

Also from KS, the “Next-Generation RoundUP for Youth, Inc.” In this Power Point, you can see an entire high school building was turned into a quasi-city where shops and community services were located in small scale forms. Public private partnerships help fund this. The purpose? Fast tracking high school students and early college students into the job market.

America Works, founded in the mid 1980s, by a social activist to wipe out poverty. During the 1990s, this group worked with then-President Clinton to reform welfare. Today, America Works operates in several States and uses education and work aligned systems for all age groups. While the company partners with industries, it doesn’t appear to be the same as the government run State level Work programs.

From the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, you can see that over 600 companies were in full support of USMCA. You can also see their take on small and medium businesses under USMCA. It was supposed to benefit the over 120,000 of them in selling goods to Mexico and Canada. However, COVID-19 has drastically changed that. Related fall out or planned shut down? You decide. We know that Bill Gates personally funded the U.S. Chamber to align every State’s Chamber to the CCSS Machine.

The SBA (Small Business Administration) Spin:

Jan. 17, 2020
, the SBA slanted the USMCA as a great way for businesses to become 21st Century digitally aligned. It also brought up intellectual property rights. Warriors, in the USMCA is the fact THOSE “Rights” fall under the UN’s parameters, NOT America’s!
Jan 30, 2020, the SBA slanted the USMCA as a good thing for small businesses and it would align them to big government via data tracking/mining and more procurement by the federal government. Warriors, consider this, though, the same article also revealed that OTHER countries would get to decide the fate of the small to medium sized businesses! I did reveal this very aspect from the pages of the USMCA, but in the truth angle that this is UNCONSTITUTIONAL! Also think about the COVID-19 aspect, many of these same businesses got federal bail out money. Fed money has fed strings!

Warriors, in 2015, I showed you the SBA’s presence in the CCSS Machine, that’s NOT gone away.


Article posted with permission from Lynne Taylor

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