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Critical Projection Syndrome

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Published on: May 25, 2015

In one of my earlier articles entitled Critical Projection theory, I elaborated on the idea that blacks in America truly have been oppressed by our institutions, as Democrats so often claim. The Democrats love to blame America for being a racist nation and seize any opportunity they can to exploit the impoverished conditions many blacks find themselves living in. In fact, we have seen that the left will go to any lengths necessary to give the impression that they are seeking to correct a societal wrong. The problem is the left is primarily responsible for these impoverished conditions. This was the point of Critical Projection theory. The left, in an effort to hide all of their failures, project their own racist attitudes onto Republicans and Conservatives so that they may be able to retain the illusion that they are the savior of poor inner city (mostly black) communities.

All throughout history, it was, in fact, the Democrat Party that was responsible for most of America’s racist history. The Democrats were the primary slave owners, the Democrats formed the Klu Klux Klan, and the Democrats were responsible for Jim Crow segregation laws. If it wasn’t for the efforts of the Republican Party, slavery could have endured much longer than it did. Many claim that somewhere along the line, the Democrat and Republican parties “switched places” and the Democrats became the champions of the black communities while Republicans became the racists.

Blacks have been voting primarily Democrat since Lyndon Johnson’s (D) great society, and it has gotten them absolutely nowhere. As I wrote in my book “Not On My Watch,” Lyndon Johnson was quoted as saying, “We’ll get those n**gers voting Democratic for the next 200 years,” as he passed a civil rights bill that was originally presented by Republican President Dwight Eisenhower. For those that may remember, Eisenhower was responsible for allowing nine black students to attend an all white school. Johnson, as senate majority leader, was able to prevent the civil rights bill from passing and took it up as his own upon assuming the presidency. The idea was to enslave the black population on the great society’s welfare programs. Black families were broken up as a result because there was no longer any initiative for black men to take any responsibility. In other words, Democratic President Lyndon Johnson is partially responsible for the impoverished conditions many blacks find themselves in today. (I learned this by watching CL Bryant’s Runaway Slave)

It seems the actions of Democrat progressives have been far more harmful than many realize. For those of you who listen to Mark Levin, you may have heard him discuss this. It goes all the way back to America’s early progressive movement. Many may know that Democrat President Woodrow Wilson was responsible for re-segregating the government, again this proves that the Democrat Party has an issue with racism, not conservatives. The extent to which progressives of the era went to actually segregate African Americans is truly breathtaking. To understand this further, we need to look at the work of Richard Rothstein of the economic policy institute. He claims that it was the actions of progressive government that are directly responsible for the segregation of the inner cities. In other words, the inner city ghettos were deliberately created by liberals.

According to Rothstein, the Federal Housing Authority under President Franklin Roosevelt, (progressive) was directed to give loans to neighborhood developers under the one condition that blacks would not be able to move there. Furthermore, he claims that the public works administration under the new deal led to the creation of segregated neighborhoods by ensuring that its public housing projects housed only people who predominately lived in the neighborhood. They built public housing projects mostly in black neighborhoods. Then, they deliberately attempted to scare white people out of neighborhoods built by the Federal Housing Authority by insisting they were going to become like the black inner city ghettos. They did this by actually recruiting black people to walk around the targeted neighborhoods. Once the white people sold their homes back to the banks they actually sold them for higher prices to black families. From Richard Rothstein-

On real estate agents’ practice of “blockbusting”

In the ghettos, government policy — municipal policy, for example — denied adequate services, garbage wasn’t collected frequently. African-Americans were crowded into neighborhoods in the ghetto because so much other housing was closed to them and as a result, housing prices in ghettos were much higher than similar housing in white areas. Rents were much higher than similar housing in white areas … because you had a smaller supply. It’s the basic laws of supply and demand. … So this created slum conditions.

So when African-Americans managed to break out of those slums and buy a home in a neighboring area, whites could be persuaded that slum conditions were going to be brought with them. So the real estate agents would go into these neighborhoods and try to panic white families into selling their homes cheap to the real estate agents.

They used techniques: They would recruit blacks from the ghetto to walk around the neighborhood pushing baby carriages. They would phone call families in the white area and ask for names that were stereotypically African-American. … All intended to give the impression that this was rapidly turning into another black slum.

The white families who panicked would then sell their homes to the real estate agents or the speculators at prices far below what they were worth. The speculators would then turn around and resell the homes to African-Americans at far more than they were worth because of the restricted supply, and this policy was called “blockbusting” and it was a policy that was condoned by state licensing boards throughout the country.

So, it seems that the idea of liberal progressives projecting their own failures onto the rest of society has some real validity to it. The black population in America has been used and abused by progressive government for nothing more than reaching desired political ends. In my opinion, this explains why the liberals are so intent on creating chaos; they desperately need the black population to stay focused on them so they won’t learn the truth about the progressives extremely racist past. Perhaps the term critical projection theory should actually be called critical projection syndrome.

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