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Cruz: Government Control of Internet is Threat to Free Speech

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Published on: October 20, 2015

The Federal Communications Commission, under the Obama administration, voted to classify the broadband internet as a utility ushering in Net Neutrality. Alternate news media outlets issued warnings regarding this move that would threaten free speech and damage entrepreneurship on the internet. A few weeks ago, Matt Drudge publicly declared a Supreme Court justice informed him, “It’s over for you.”

This week, Ted Cruz confirmed these previous warnings and the reiterated the statement made by Drudge this classification could potentially affect independent news outlets like the Drudge Report. Speaking in Dallas, Texas, on Sunday to The Blaze, Cruz warned the “threats to internet freedom” have “never been greater” citing “Congressional review of digital copyright law could threaten aggregator news sites.” He stated the FCC’s classification of the internet as a utility as evidence of that threat.

“I think threats to Internet Freedom continue growing,” Cruz said. “This administration views the internet as a threat.”

“I’ve been leading the fight against that,” Cruz told The Blaze.

He also referred to plans this administration has to relinquish US control of the internet as having the potential to “profoundly undermine US interests and undermine free speech.”

As witnessed previously with Harry Reid and Democrats, free speech that is dissenting to their agenda and functioning, or more aptly, non-functioning, corrupt, criminal and constitutional defying government is dangerous to their retaining power. Diane Feinstein (D-CA) attempted to “classify” journalists in order to prevent citizen journalists, bloggers and others from having the First Amendment protection of freedom of the press. In July of this year, Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) had the audacity to state that the First Amendment only applies to “institutions of faith.” Obama and his ilk are intent on eradicating the freedoms guaranteed in the First Amendment using anything and everything in their arsenal to do so.

The Blaze continues with Cruz’s statements:

“America invented the internet and, I got to say, Obama’s idea to give it away is reminiscent of Jimmy Carter’s idea to give away the Panama Canal,” he said.

“I have worked to do in the Senate every day is fight to defend freedom on the internet — to keep the internet free from the grubby hands of regulators and government,” Cruz said. “To keep it free from taxes and to allow free speech and entrepreneurship to flourish. And I think liberty on the net is every day more and more imperiled by big government and Washington politicians who want to muzzle dissent.”

The invention or development of the internet in America opened the door of opportunity for many, allowed the creation of additional social networks and business networks, allowed the development of alternative media, and the accessing and sharing of information more rapidly as a sample of the benefits. With the internet based in America, the freedoms preserved in America extended to it as equally as other media. Giving it away to another country or entity would threaten the freedoms of everyone who accesses and utilizes the internet, especially those in nations who are not afforded the exercise of individual God-given rights.

The internet in the hands of regulators and government will see tens of thousands of pages of regulations affecting it in every manner. It happens each time government creates an unconstitutional agency or any agency gains control over some aspect of Americans’ lives or businesses. Look at the Internal Revenue Service, the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, the Department of Transportation, or the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. With Obama and the EPA pushing “carbon footprint” nonsense in order to garner a tax to strip citizens of more money, a tax on the internet would be “business as usual.”

Cruz suggested, in the interview, the FCC could resurrect the policy known as the Fairness Doctrine. Under this policy, “political issues covered on the airwaves” are required to be presented “in a balanced manner.” He stated the FCC under Obama has invoked the Fairness Doctrine on a number of occasions “with sort of wistful glances to the past.”

“If I had suggested years ago the Obama administration would send government observers into the newsrooms of major media organizations, that claim would have been ridiculed,” Cruz told The Blaze. “And yet that is exactly what the FCC did.”

He added, “I think it is difficult to find an action that is beyond pale of what this government would do when it comes to stifling free speech.”

Cruz agrees with many of us when he indicated that Democrats would threaten more strenuously the First Amendment if they had the authority. Even though Democrats do not have that authority, nor does Congress or this administration, according to the Constitution, it will not prevent these charlatan traitors interested in eradicating First Amendment freedoms from trying via any method they can concoct. Obama has a pen and a phone that gets quite a work out. He’s aiming for the Second Amendment so one can be sure the First Amendment is on the chopping block as well.

Cruz contends that Democrats and Obama would sandblast off the words of the First Amendment and Bill of Rights, carved into the granite Newseum, if they could get their way.

Reid wanted to “change” the Constitution’s First Amendment because of his “unnatural, insane” obsession with the Koch Brothers. You can bet it wouldn’t be through the appropriate remedy of ratification; but, it would be through some passing of legislation in the middle of the night, behind closed doors and after garnering enough RINO support to throw the vote. In other words, this government (Congress) and administration will violate the Constitution in regards to any remaining freedom based on their attack and trampling of other freedoms as seen through the PATRIOT Act, constitution-free zones, indefinite detention, free speech zones, gun free zones and allowing the executive and judicial branches of government to “declare” law.

The attack on religious freedom of Christians is deserving of highlighting separately, as it is the most egregious violation since groups of faith seeking the freedom to practice their religion, instead of supporting the Church of England, initially colonized this nation. The cultist theocracies of Islam, secular humanism and environmental eco-ism and atheism have pushed Christianity back into the shadows, elevating each one of their “practices” as more deserving. With the advent of an outrageous, erroneous ruling supporting sodomite “marriage,” the government has ushered in the marginalization, degradation and illegal attacks on individuals of the Christian faith. The administration is set to “import” tens of thousands of additional Muslims into this nation, meaning more Muslims demanding “special treatment” that our government will give. It will mean further indoctrination of our children into Islam and increased incidences of overt aggression toward Christians.

Now, Christian bakers, florists and businesses are being sued by the LGBT or LGBTPQRS whatever groups for refusal to violate their faith by participating in an ungodly, unnatural, offensive union. County clerks, exercising their faith, are jailed erroneously. How much longer before physical church buildings and congregations are targeted? Oh, wait, some already have; yet, the Christian community continues to retreat instead of standing up for Christ. With the SPLC, a hate group itself, partnering with Obama’s unconstitutional attorney general, Loretta Lynch, the dream Mark Potock possesses to “destroy them all” — them being the list of SPLC designated hate groups — will more than likely come to fruition should Americans remain apathetic and complacent.

Any “speech” uttered or written by other than a protected class or group labeled dissention will be deemed “hate” and deserving of censorship or worse. Speaking the truth will become reason enough for unlawful action. Gone will be the aggregate news sites like Drudge and sites like Freedom Outpost that offer differing perspectives on news stories or provide fresh looks and constitutional insights into issues affecting our nation. The dissemination of information and treatment of speech will be reminiscent of the movie “V for Vendetta” should the internet be strictly regulated or “given” to a foreign entity.

This nation already suffers under some speech restrictions, aka creation of “free-speech” zones and speech one group might find offensive labeled as “hate” when it’s not. To limit speech on the internet while controlling all major lamestream enemedia outlets would be the icing on the unconstitutional cake. Our nation is coming closer to becoming the nation our founders fought against to attain freedom and liberty. Surely, this police, surveillance, eradicating rights nation is not the nation Americans want. Or, is it?

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