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Damning Testimonies Before Senator’s Panel Implicate “Vaccine” Manufacturers In Murder & Injuries (Videos)

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Published on: November 7, 2021

This past week, Senator Ron Johnson put together a panel and invited the heads of all federal health agencies, as well as representatives from the drug companies producing the COVID shots. None of them showed up. He also invited people who were injured or had loved ones die following taking the shot. They did come to let their voices be heard.

Sen. Johnson said, “There is no need for COVID-19 vaccine mandates. If the vaccine worked and stopped transmission, those vaccinated would have no fear of the unvaccinated. If the COVID-19 vaccine does not stop transmission, then mandating them is pointless.”

He’s exactly right, but more to the point, there is zero authority in the US Constitution for such a mandate. In fact, the Fourth Amendment is clear that we are to be secure in our persons, a protection the government is responsible for enforcing, not infringing upon on.

Below are several of those who came forward to speak out about what this deadly experimental shot is doing, and the deaths and injuries it is leaving in its wake.

Vaccine Injured Brianne Dressen: “I Feel Like I Am Being Electrocuted 24/7”

Dr. Linda Wastila: “We Have Absolutely Nothing to Gain from Being Here, But Everything to Lose.”

Commercial Pilot Cody Flint: “I Don’t Know If I Will Ever Be Able to Fly a Plane Again.”

Lieutenant Colonel Theresa Long: “Over 200,000 Service Members Have Rejected the Vaccine.”

Texas Father Who Lost 16-Year-Old Son to Pfizer Shot: “My Government Lied to Me”

Kyle Warner: “The Drug Companies Need to Be Compensating Us If They Are Going to Be Testing on Us.”

Doug Cameron: “I Woke Up At 2 Am Paralyzed from The Diaphragm Down. My Life as I Knew It Was Gone.”

Finally, attorney Tom Renz is warning doctors and nurses, along with anyone else administering this shot, that they are going to be held accountable because they are murdering people with this shot.

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