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David vs the Goliath of Chappaqua: One Man Takes on the Clintons

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Published on: June 13, 2019

Coach Dave Daubenmire V. Hillary and Bill Clinton.  See

Bill Rapes – Hillary destroys his victims.

Hillary Kills – CNN destroys her victims.

A short ditty to expose the evil biddy – numbered are the days of the old First Lady as she coughs, lies and curses on her way to Hades.

Coach Dave goes to New York and proves Hillary, The Empress, has no clothes, not even a sarong.

She lies and kills and leads her Chappaqua throng.

She’s married to a guy who didn’t inhale his bong.

To save her, CNN beat their lying gong.

Bill bites, beats and rapes as Hillary saves him all day long.

Hillary killed Ambassador Stevens and 3 more as the Main Stream media sings her praises like a song.


The New York Times printed Hillary is good and the VIDEO did wrong.

Listen to our Hillary, can’t we all just get along?

And then?

And then came Coach Dave Daubenmire and the dream of Hillary became a nightmare crying, “Foul, thou cruel, evil Christian boy.”

“Coach Dave – I am the Empress of Chappaqua, shut your mouth or I’ll ruin you life-long, Daubenmire, don’t you see the light?”

But the David of Ohio laughed at the Goliath of NY, saying: “I have just begun to fight, no backing down ‘till enough Americans see our might.  We are in it, Madame Witch, till they lock you up and in your cell it’ll be always night.”

Even in California, Krazy Kalifornia, we are looking to do our Left Coast outreaches to indict Hillary, thanks to Coach Dave Daubenmire.

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