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DC Attempting to Unconstitutionally Force Christian Schools to Embrace LGBT Student Groups

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Published on: January 10, 2015

In Washington D.C. the city government is moving forward with a new set of laws that tears at the very fabric of the Constitution. First, they are moving to force pro-life groups to pay for abortion coverage. But second, they have passed a bill that effectively destroys religious freedom in the nation’s capital.

The city passed a bill called “The Human Rights Amendment Act of 2014” which will eliminate the “Nation’s Capital Religious Liberty and Academic Freedom Act. (NCRLAF).” The NCRLAF Act gave specific protection to religious schools in our nation’s capital; specifically it protected them from being forced by the government into promoting, encouraging, or condoning any homosexual act, lifestyle, orientation, or belief.”

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Mayor Muriel Bowser has not yet received the law, but as an extreme and motivated liberal, it is more likely than not that the bill will be signed into law.

If this bill is signed into law, effectively repealing the NCRLAF Act, then religious schools in Washington, D.C will have no protection from the city’s other sexual orientation laws and will then likely be forced into approving LGBT groups on campus. It could also open up a can of worms when it comes to certain gender related issues – like which bathrooms and locker rooms to use, what sports teams males and females can join, and what sexual behaviors can be punished by the school.

Lawrence Morris is the general counsel for the Catholic University of America and spoke to the council earlier this year, reminding them that they would be attacking religious liberty by passing this law. Here is what he told them…

The faith of the Catholic Church permeates all of our activity…it is important that, as a university community grounded in the teachings of the Catholic Church, we have the freedom to shape all aspects of the Catholic University experience….

[The Armstrong amendment] recognizes the diversity of our City and the freedom of religious organizations truly to practice what they preach. To remove this protection suggests that there is a role for government in determining how a private, religious, educational institution carries out its mission, the sort of intrusion that flouts our Constitution and our civic traditions.

This measure is fundamentally about the freedom of a religious institution to operate in accord with its deeply held beliefs… government surely cannot be the arbiter of how a religious faith carries out its beliefs, for faith is exercised not just by individuals as they choose to think, pray, or worship, but by groups and organizations – such as our university, whose mission proclaims fidelity to the Catholic Church. And that right of association means not just the right to band together but the right not to be forced into associational relationships with persons whose views are incompatible.

Apparently the city council chose not to heed Mr. Morris’ wise counsel.

This only serves as yet another reminder that our constitutionally guaranteed rights are constantly under threat of destruction from liberal governance. While our religious freedom is constitutionally guaranteed, we must not forget that it is an innate, God-given right. Washington D.C. cannot take that right from us and if they try … we will fight back.

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