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Death by Silence – Gutting America One Complacent Citizen at a Time

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Published on: December 17, 2015

America is in trouble.  That does not take a genius to see.  We have a wicked, lawless and corrupt administration, our rights are being infringed upon more and more day by day, we have enemies without and enemies within, and what are the American people doing about it? Are they protesting at the capital?  Are millions of phone calls flooding the White House and Congress?  Are sports stadiums being emptied to protest the murder of the innocent unborn in the womb?  Are churches protesting immorality and their pulpits ringing out as they decry homosexuality and all other immoral behavior? No.

The American dream and the founding principles upon which it was established (The Bible and the Constitution) are slowly dying throughout our land.  Yes, truly God has shed His grace upon this nation, but what has this nation done in return?  Have we upheld His moral Law, the Ten Commandments? (Exodus 20) Have we kept judgment and justice? (Isaiah 56:1) Have we held accountable those who claim to represent “We the People” in government?  Have we given a pass to all sorts of corruption and allowed this behavior because we are too afraid to speak out?  What cowards! Ella Wheeler Wilcox once said, “To sin by silence, when they should protest, makes cowards of men.”

America, for the most part, has become a nation of cowards.  Men are more concerned about sports games than they are about the welfare of their own children and the life and death of the innocent.  Our children are more caught up in their material possessions and vain way of life than they are about educating themselves and following the Christ (Luke 9:23).  Our women more concerned with following their own career and path in life than raising their own children.  

Politicians are not going to save us. Not even statesmen and true patriots are going to save us. It is only Christ who can save this nation by saving the souls of the people of this nation (I Timothy 1:15).  New policies won’t turn it around, old policies won’t turn it around, a total conversion and regeneration of the hearts and souls of Americans, are the only thing that is going to turn this nation around (Ezekiel 36:26; Jeremiah 24:7).  

Americans are allowing our nation to be gutted.  They are allowing our founding principles to be torn down, literally (Monuments of the Ten Commandments, Christian crosses, etc.) and all that we hold dear because of a lack of love and gratitude not only for the Lord Himself first and foremost, but also for those who have paid the price before us to give us this blessed nation and the awesome gift of freedom.  

What’s worse than watching big bully beating up on an innocent little kid on the playground and a crowd of kids watching the entire thing, but nobody steps in to stop it?  Those who can watch an innocent, little kid getting beat up are no better than the big bully who is doing it!  Are you a part of that crowd that is watching America be destroyed as you stand idly by and doing nothing?

What excuse do you suppose you will have for your children and grandchildren when you look into their eyes and see nothing but hopelessness, fear and despair as they are overcome by enemies from without and tyranny from within? And all because you did nothing to stop it.  I pray to God you do something to stop it, because if you do not, when it shows up at your front door, you’ll wish to Heaven you did.  Think about it!

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