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Defeating Islam Requires Practical Theology and A Whole New Generation of Leaders

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Published on: December 9, 2015

The people are, finally, much less ignorant and foolish than our political leaders in Europe and America about the problem of Islam.  They understand instinctively that there is no country, let alone one with a will to survive, without a culture to provide reasons for fighting and surviving.  And there is no culture without an explicit commitment to a tradition.  Understanding this is the strength of the Islamic world.  Failing to understand this is the fatal flaw of western, liberal, ideology. 

The people of both Europe and America understand, implicitly, that in order to defeat Islam we must have a whole new generation of leaders.  And it is the wholesale defeat of Islam, as a fascist political ideology, which they look forward to, just as they looked forward to it in 1939.  For in the eyes of the people the rise of Islam is nothing more than the cyclical revival of fascism with its vision of global domination through violence.  This mission of defeating fascism, rather than living with it, is completely rejected by the current generation of leaders who know very well that Islam is fascism. 

The current generation of liberal elites are committed to two lies incorporating a hopeless goal:

1.     Islam is not necessarily fascist, just an unfortunate and natural petri dish for fascism and terror which can be sterilized by universal reason induced by wealth.

2.     Islam as a whole cannot be defeated as a tradition, like Nazism, so we must somehow get Islam to accept western, liberal values (universal reason). 

The people know that (1) and (2) are a fantasy for cowards and children.   

The current elites do not have the moral resources to imagine the defeat of Islam.  Therefore they are struggling to figure out how to accommodate it, as if they had the power, the moral power, to resist being wiped out by it.  They do not.  They are so terrified that they cannot look around the corner at the monster which is about to devour them.  They hope they can tame it by throwing bones around the corner.  But it craves the bones that are not being thrown around the corner. 

Trump’s popularity is a blaring symptom of what the elites still in power cannot accept — that they are on their way out.  The current generation, as the last generation of classically liberal leaders, has committed itself publicly to this notion that Islam is not inherently fascist.  This is the commitment that future history will study, and be amazed at.  This is the suicide of their relevance and therefore of their power, of their historical epoch.  They believe that Islam is here to stay, and may even be destined to dominate the world; that we must therefore negotiate with it.  But the people know there is no negotiation.  Islam is merely amused by liberalism.  We are either going to defeat Islam globally, at a military, economic, political, and cultural level, or the world will descend into a very long and dark age. 

The people understand that they cannot be protected by children and cowards.  Again, the cornerstone of the establishment response in Europe and America is that Islam is NOT inherently fascist.  It is impossible to communicate in an adult fashion about adult affairs with children.  The people can no longer communicate with their declining leaders.  They can only throw them out, or even prosecute them and punish them, in every way, for cowardice and treason.  In France, Marine Le Pen seems to be on her way, as Trump is in America. 

The classical liberals, both left and right, are trying to convince us that Trump is the child, and they are the adults.  The most intense and hilarious irony of our times is that the elites, who are pathetic children in the eyes of so many people, would try to wrest power from the real adults by pretending to discipline them. Trump should laugh out loud at Jeb Bush.  We should laugh out loud at Jeb Bush.  We must help Jeb Bush understand that we cannot take him seriously.  HE is the child.  He is living in his own little world where the Bush clan are the great statesmen, the great classical liberals, and Trump is cheap, populist trash.  These elites are like the European nobility of the nineteenth century, refusing to let go of their pathetic fantasy in which the people still look to them and adore them in spite of their growing irrelevance.  It is all pathetic narcissism.  Royalty is now tolerated, or even celebrated, for its powerlessness.  Instead of royalty, in the near past, we empowered people like the Bushes.  But they did not know how to use power.  They had no clear tradition, no truly interesting, historic goals like stopping Islamic immigration or building the great wall.  It has been royalty all over again; all pomp and circumstance; the Great Society; sophomoric references to Camelot; the Kennedy dynasty; the Bush dynasty.  We found out the irrelevance of royalty.  Now we have found out the irrelevance of the modern elite, which was supposed to be more rational, and much less corrupt.  Traditional royalty, as such, was actually more interesting.  The political power has been worn like a trophy suit.  It has been wasted.  For above all else, the modern elites see the whole world, all of history, as being about them.  We say it is about Christ and his ultimate victory over every square inch of the world.  This scares them even when they claim to be Christians.  They are not fit to fight.  They are not fit to survive.  Our enemies will swallow them whole unless we are able to protect them.  

Liberals believe that every competing tradition is equal in the sense of being equally irrational, and that universal reason can win out.  This is the most falsified leap of faith in history.  Do they still really believe it?  I say no.  What they now really believe is that Islam cannot be defeated because they sense how easy it is to defeat them.  They do not know how impossible it is to defeat us.  Unlike them, we know what we are about, and what we are going to do.  We are going to defend our freedom.  They do not have the moral resources to defeat Islam, as patent anti-liberalism, and they do not believe that the people have these moral resources.  But this is not true.  The battle against global, fascist Islam is going to be the First World War in history fought by civilians.  The military, in the long run, will be irrelevant.  The war is here.  And the people themselves are going to fight it.  In principle, the elites have already lost all control on both sides. 

The elites have no clear view of God, and no clear trust of God.  They are spiritual children without clear-headed decisions about the nature of God.  They lack any kind of theology.  Just think — Donald Trump, instinctively, reflexively, now has a more sophisticated theology, a truer theology, than the elites, who are completely bereft.  Trump may be demonstrating that systematic theology is not required, just an implicit American theology.  The classically liberal elites, left and right, are the ghetto of theology.  They are simply bereft of any knowledge of God.  They excuse themselves for this by claiming dogmatic knowledge of non-theological propositions which, unlike Christianity, are not anchored in history and experience, and are not pragmatic.  Trump is what I call a theological pragmatist.  He knows that, practically speaking, Islam is fascism, and it must be defeated by assuming that God is not Allah.  Allah is simply inconceivable to a Donald Trump.  I say, God bless him. 

Above all else, hard-headed, seasoned Christians believe that Islam itself, can and will be defeated.  It is this belief that Islam is actually destined to fail, that it will be defeated by Christ, holistically, epically, which sets the Christian people of the whole world apart from and against the current generation of leaders.  We do not actually live in their world.  The current generation of leaders believes we are dangerous, just as dangerous as the Islamists.  And, of course, we are very dangerous to both the Muslim and the Liberal world because we know how to make people free. 

We must be done, in both Europe and America, with the current generation of political, cultural, and religious leaders.  They are no longer relevant because, ironically, they have no theology.  They cannot save us from Islam as the cyclical rise of fascism in human history.  They have too much baggage they have inherited from World War II and classical western liberalism.  This is patently true of the leadership in Germany.  They are crippled by the past.  But if they had theology, if they had the moral resources, they could escape from their past which they have interpreted as the necessity of surrender rather than making war in any sense on invaders.  We have reached a new stage in western culture where science and liberalism are helpless.  In order to be saved, practically speaking, we must now, ironically, have theology — a simple pragmatic, evangelical theology. 

Islam is now a critical mass of political microbes invading the western stomach and causing it to throw up.  It will throw up everything liberal.  Islam may be God’s providential way of ridding the western organism of the parasitic, childish myths of classical liberalism regurgitated by both liberals and conservatives.  These myths are parasitic on a remnant of Christian order.  Islam is not the most powerful force on earth.  Its current confidence is heading for a fall.  Christ is the most powerful force on earth.  Christ rules history, and Christ will determine the outcome of history.  This is the sophisticated and practical theology which the liberals will never understand.  In fact, they will continue to hate it even as it saves them from Islam.   

From our explicitly theological standpoint, this last generation of the liberal elites are irrelevant fools.  Our current elites, on a global basis, are clueless.  They are the dumbest elites in history.  They are even more clueless than the western royals as they lost all of their power.  The naiveté, the rejection of the real world, is breathtaking.  They think it is shockingly controversial for Trump to declare for securing our borders against Muslims.  But, of course, the average American is not shocked at all. 

There are two worlds and two truths in the world today.  It is the grand modern bifurcation at the end of the modern age.  There is the imaginary world of the elites, and the real world of a majority of the people as they grow completely skeptical of the elites.  There is the elite truth, and the practical truth.  The practical truth will not be ignored.  Islam is fascism.  And we are in another world war. 

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