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Defendants Drop Lawsuit In Malheur Refuge Case: “We were charged with Conspiracy, but who are the true Conspirators?”

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Published on: February 21, 2018

Earlier this month, several members of a lawsuit in the Malheur Refuge case decided to drop the suit because they believe they would be better served in a court of law with a jury.

This statement, which we are printing with permission from Redoubt News, is from several of those patriots who stood in Oregon against federal tyranny, spent months in jail, and were found innocent of any wrongdoing.  In the process, one patriot was gunned down, LaVoy Finicum, on January 26, 2016.  He too would have been found not guilty.

Today We: Shawna Cox and ryan-c: family of Bundy have made the decision to withdraw our complaint against those individuals who are responsible for the death of our friend LaVoy Finicum, for our attempted murder of ourselves, Victoria Sharp, Ammon Bundy and Ryan Payne (an honorable veteran).

We have no doubt that with all the evidence we have that we would be more than likely to prevail in a court of law with an honest jury. But due to our experiences in the past two years we believe that the Federal Government will try to get us to settle to some substantial amount of money to keep the truth away from the public.

We asked ourselves: how does that further our message of the need to restore the Constitution for the united States of America?

Due to our experiences, we also have NO Faith in the Federal Justice System. Yes, a jury did properly find that we were not guilty of the crimes that the government wrongfully accused us of in the Harney County case, even though there were hundreds of witnesses who were not allowed to testify in our behalf. The Constitution was not allowed to be mentioned or even brought into the courtroom. God was not allowed to be talked about or our religious beliefs expressed (explaining our intent). The Truth was never allowed to be brought forth, it was all a game of smoke and mirrors with a bunch of lying Attorneys making deals in the back rooms daily.

The Courts were not open to the public denying of our Constitutional right to a Public Trial, as no one, including the media, was allowed to record or videotape the trials. We wanted an open public trial. We wanted the Truth to come out. We want the world to know what really happened.

The Judge told the jury they were not to worry about what the sentences or punishment would be for the defendants if convicted, just follow the law as she interpreted it to them. Do the Judges truly believe that the Constitution (The Supreme Law of the Land) is so hard for We American People to read and understand that we have to have it interpreted for us by a Judge in legal ease?

If you are an American, you should be able to read and write English. The Jurors were instructed not to make a decision based on how they felt or what they believed was right or wrong but to take an oath to follow the law as it is interpreted to them by the judge. The Judge also told them many times over that they had more than enough evidence to convict. How is that for Blind Justice?

They were also told that Jury Nullification was illegal. That is a bold-faced lie! The Jury has the right to determine if the law alleged to being broken is actually Constitutional or not.

Many documents were redacted and secret meetings held. We discovered over 15 government paid undercover agents who were at the Harney County Resource Center (formerly known as the Malheur Wildlife Refuge), not only to report our every move but to instigate unlawful actions: such as setting us up by leading a target practice and then filming it as if we were instructing an army. They spun the narrative through the major media that it was an armed takeover. Ask yourself, who owns the media?

Instead of coming to the Refuge and issuing trespass citations, they ambush us, Why? We believe it was because the Federal Government cannot produce a lawful title to the land, therefore, they could not issue a trespass citation.

They still could have arrested us at any time when we traveled to town meetings, to the grocery store and many other places we frequented in town. Why did they wait until we were traveling on a lone desolate road headed to another county? Why ambush us? Why did they have snipers in the trees? Why did they have a roadblock set up like a kill zone? Why did they fire on us at the first stop? To force us into fleeing? Why kidnap us? Why no warrants? Why were all their body cameras turned off? Why kill LaVoy? Why continue to shoot at us for 10 minutes after LaVoy was killed? Why did they set up the Harney County Hospital with a large blood bank and 24 hour FBI guards? Where was the Sheriff in all this? Where were our rights? Where was our protection?

In the Courtroom we realized that no court appointed, federally paid attorney would represent us properly. That no attorney knew the truth nor could we properly communicate that truth to them and that they would never be able to communicate and transfer the truth to the jury. We had to speak for ourselves. We had to stand on our own and for our own behalf. We could not let an attorney assume our identity to act in our behalf. Boy! Have we learned a lot!! It turned out that the only real defense we were allowed was to take the stand and testify in our own behalf. That is totally against all the advice of the attorney’s as they believed we would perjure ourselves. But the Judge left us no other choice or we would have had no defense at all.

Many of the accused men were threatened and frightened into taking plea deals. They would rather lie about committing a crime they did not commit than risk spending upwards of 58 years in a Federal Prison if they stood for the truth. That is how the Federal Court system wins at a rate of 98% of the time.

We know that it was only by the Grace of God that we are free. That all of the prayers offered in our support were answered as the Jury felt impressed to stand boldly against things that they saw were wrong in the court system. Jurors that had been planted by the Judge and Prosecution were ousted out by the other jurors who had the courage to stand up and speak out. That was a miracle!

In April 2014, it was an Army of armed BLM, NPS, USFS, EPA and FBI with surveillance cameras, snipers and a host of other’s that arrived at the Bundy Ranch and literally pointed weapons at hundreds of unarmed Americans. There were undercover agents there also, including the Nevada Federal District Prosecutors, days before the whole thing even began. Makes you wonder why? Who was behind all this? Politicians enriching themselves? Control of our State Public Lands? Theft of our underground minerals? We had to do our homework with many other Americans looking for the Truth.

In the trials in Nevada men were charged with crimes they did not commit.

We were charged with Conspiracy, but who are the true Conspirators?

We want “We the People” to determine who are the guilty and who are the innocent. We want a Jury of our Peers as the Bill of Rights affords us. A Government of the People, by the People and for the People. That’s why we have summoned a “Common Law Administrator” to convene a Grand Jury to indict those people who have conspired against America, for Treason, and their crimes against “We The People”.

We cannot and will not allow our people, so wrongfully incarcerated, so wrongfully accused of crimes, to be railroaded, tortured, and even killed, like our friend and brother, LaVoy Finicum.

These people have torn to shreds our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Ammon Bundy made a very true statement on April 12, 2014 when asked why the Armed Federal Agents backed down and left. He said, “It’s the people, The power is in the People!” Shawna continues to say, “UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL.”

Do you have the courage to STAND? Or will you continue to be lulled away into a carnal sleep as you watch TV, Ball Games, Entertainment and many other distractions as they come for our guns, homes, families, our liberty and our very lives?

For these reasons we have withdrawn from the suit placed in the federal court and are relying upon the We the People of America to convene a 7th Amendment Grand Jury to examine the crimes and the criminals who have done us harm.

-February 8, 2018

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Meanwhile, the widow of LaVoy Finicum, Jeanette, is pressing forward with her wrongful death lawsuit against numerous individuals, which she filed just one day before the second anniversary of her husband’s death.

I think these people have learned how the judicial system works and are very smart in how they are approaching this.  They don’t want to just make a stand that becomes a waste of time and money.  They want to win!  May God bless their efforts!

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

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