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This Defensive Headshot Demonstrates Love for One’s Fellow Man

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Published on: August 18, 2014

Now for those who are still unsure they want well-trained people armed around them, I suggest they rethink the matter after watching the following video, where quick thinking by a concealed weapon carrier probably saved several lives. Notice the precision of the headshot that stopped the criminal from being able to harm the innocent.

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Concealed carriers are those you want on your side should you need them. These are law abiding citizens who only seek to protect themselves and others, should the need arise.

Using a gun to defend others is a demonstration of love for your fellow man. It is biblical because it demonstrates love.

One may argue, “But I trust God.”

Yes, so did David, and yet he still went out to fight Goliath armed with a sling and stones.

More Americans need to learn a valuable lesson from our forefathers who specifically said that the “right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” They need to learn that in order to deal with the lawless who wish to do us harm, we must be those who are willing to defend those we love most.

A good example of Christians dealing with lawless men occurred in July.

As we have seen in Iraq, many Christians, non-Muslims and even Muslims have been slaughtered by Islamic jihadists as they move through the area in a method similar to that of their founder, Mohammed.

However, in the area of Bartella, at least 600 Christian men, “mighty men of valour” (1 Chronicles 12:21), stood up and armed themselves against Islamic jihadists after so many of the Christian women were raped. That, my friends, is what Christian men should do. We should always be ready to defend the innocent and protect those around us. It is a fulfillment of the second table of the law, to “love your neighbor as yourself.” It is being willing to lay down one’s life for another.

While I cannot attribute the actions in the video above to a Christian, simply because I don’t have enough information to go on, I can say that the gentleman who fired at the bad guy was definitely showing love for the man who had the gun pointed at him.

Well done!

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