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Democrats Aren’t Really Trashing Trump – They Are Just Smiling Backstabbers Of We the People

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Published on: June 8, 2019

(True Conservative Pundit) It’s simply amazing to this writer at times (only for a minute or so) how low the Democrats will sink into the filth and mire to enforce the Democratic playbook.  Actually, it rather disgusts and sickens me, as well it should any right-thinking human being, and I do not mean Republicans.

What is the Democratic playbook you ask?  These days it is pretty simple actually:

  • Impeach Trump
  • Defeat Trump in 2020
  • Oppose anything Trump does – even if it is for the good of this country
  • Mire the Congress and the country down in endless investigations of Trump and company – while lying and smiling for the camera
  • Preserve the right to murder babies (infanticide) at all costs
  • Keep the Southern Border open and porous.
  • Support socialism/communism
  • Transform the U.S. into a third-world country (Venezuela)

It was the Democrats who attempted to derail a Republican campaign using false information with the power of the U.S. government behind it.  It was and is the Democrats and their Republican RINO allies who have pushed for the election of Donald Trump to be overturned.  It is the Democrats who are seeking to unseat a duly elected president through spurious means including calling for the use of the 25th amendment, and impeachment – for which they have NO legitimate grounds.

There is also a growing movement, again by the Politicrats to subvert the election process.  This idea – electing the president via the popular vote only, is gaining steam with many states.  I have written a couple of articles on why this is a very bad idea.  Do you think everyone’s voice should be heard in the presidential election?  That WILL change if the Politicrats have their way.  The goal here is to guarantee that there will never again be a Republican president, while suggesting that utilizing the popular vote only, will make elections more fair – in fact, it will accomplish the exact opposite.

Many will say that this cannot happen (ditching the Electoral College), many have told me I am wrong.  Those who think this cannot happen are not paying attention.  This is a serious threat, and it CAN happen.  So it’s unconstitutional, big deal.  Has this stopped the Politicrats thus far?  NO, it has not.  Why does anyone at this point think that the Politicrats will follow the Constitution and the rule of law when they have repeatedly demonstrated their willingness to disregard the Constitution and the law at will?

Even as new evidence continues to come out as to the real perpetrators of crimes, the Politicrats are still seeking to find non-existent evidence that Trump and/or his staff committed a crime(s) in order to win the 2016 election.

Adam Schiff is still living in fantasyland and dreaming of a Trump conviction for wrongdoing.  This despite the fact that Mueller did not find any evidence of a crime or collusion.  Apparently, he was not looking hard enough.

From Real Clear Politics:

“REP. ADAM SCHIFF: Well, this has been a concern I’ve had for quite some time. It appeared to me that Mueller was not following the money.”

So, Adam shifty-Schiff would have us all believe that Mueller, the Democrat’s fair-haired boy just ignored evidence that would have brought charges against Trump?  The very thing Mueller worked so hard to achieve for over 2 years, and he just looked the other way?  Also, Rosenstein who signed off on at least one illegal FISA application did not allow Mueller (within the supposed scope of the investigation) to pursue this alleged evidence?  Does anyone actually believe this?  One has to wonder if Schiff is just this desperate, or if he actually is stupid enough to believe his own rhetoric.

The Politicrats (Democrats and RINOs) have no agenda that in any way brings fact-based solutions to the table in order to solve any problems America has.

The Politicrats would rather kiss the camera, spend money like a drunken sailor, and line their own pockets while enjoying all the perks of power courtesy of We the People’s dime.

The Politicrats are like two-year-old children with a new toy, they can’t wait to take it out and play with it at every opportunity – namely the Get Trump toy.

If anyone dares to throw facts in their faces, all these anti-America fools can do is to blather on spouting untrue nonsense carefully prepared to almost sound intelligent while really saying nothing at all.  On top of that, the America-hating mainstream media backs every comment, and every move of these American-in-name-only backstabbers.

Where was the appropriate outrage when lying Obama covered up Benghazi?  Where is the outrage now that the evidence seems to point to (strongly) Obama’s involvement in the plan to prevent Trump from ever being president?  Where was the outrage at Hillary using an unsecure server to send and discuss classified material that wound up in enemy hands?  Where was the outrage when FBI protocol was set-aside during the Hillary interviews concerning her unsecure email server?  The free pass given to Hillary by James Comey?  Where was the outrage when the U.S. government abused its power in an attempt to railroad Donald J. Trump?

That’s right, I forgot – the Left hates Trump and anyone like him, so that makes all of this ok.

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