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While Democrats Support Amnesty, So Do All 2016 GOP Contenders

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Published on: February 16, 2015

In the upcoming 2016 presidential campaigns of the GOP contenders, Americans will have many issues they expect the next president to address, such as Obamacare, taxes and illegal immigration, to name a few. As it gets closer to election time, the candidates’ stance on issues pertinent to Americans will be delineated and will evolve as the polls shift. However, one issue that potential GOP runners for the office have already developed a stance is illegal immigration and what to do with the 11 million illegal aliens residing in the United States.

Some individuals in this country demand that no “amnesty” be given to those who have broken US immigration laws, while others support some form of immigration reform that would include some pathway to legalization for these 11 million lawbreakers. According to The Daily Caller, “every major candidate supports an immigration policy that includes an ‘amnesty,’ at least as defined the GOP’s most ardent and vocal immigration hawks.” While these candidates who support an ultimate pathway to citizenship or at least some process of “normalization,” they “condition their support on things like further securing America’s Southern border and making illegal immigrants pay a financial security.” In general, nearly all support the general principle that most of the 11 million illegal alien invader lawbreakers should be allowed to remain in the country and work as long as they have committed no other crime – other than breaking the immigration law.

Which Candidate Do You Support in the Republican Primaries?

At this point in time, the potential GOP candidates’ stance breaks down as follows:

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and Florida Senator Marco Rubio support a pathway to citizenship for most illegal alien invaders that reside in the United States.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz supports ultimately legalizing most of the illegal alien lawbreakers, but without providing a means toward citizenship.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, writing in a Washington Times column in 2013, stated, “After ensuring border security, then I would normalize the status of the 11 million undocumented citizens so they can join the workforce and pay taxes.”

Paul continued, saying, “Most of these undocumented immigrants are poor and may not be able to ever pay back ten years of back payroll taxes. I would be willing to forego the fines and back taxes in exchange for a longer and significant time period before these folks are eligible to enter into the green card line.”

Ohio Governor John Kasich, who is considering a 2016 GOP presidential sprint toward the White House, said a “pathway to citizenship may be necessary.

“My sense is I don’t like the idea of citizenship when people jump the line, [but] we may have to do it. It may be a laborious and tough process. I would never say we would do it. … At the end of the day it may be necessary,” Kasich stated.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal appears to be a “less reluctant supporter” of the citizenship pathway for illegals.

Writing in the National Review in 2013, Jindal said, “Once the border is secure, and not before, we should provide an opportunity for those who came here illegally seeking to work for a better life to gain legal status rather quickly, if and only if they are willing to do all that is required. We should deport immediately those who engage in criminal activity. We should bar those seeking public assistance from receiving welfare or unemployment benefits for a substantial period of time.”

“As for a pathway to citizenship: For folks who came here illegally but are willing to gain proficiency in English, pay a fine, and demonstrate a willingness to assimilate, we should require them to work here and pay taxes for a substantial period of time after obtaining legal status before they have the opportunity to begin the process of applying for US citizenship,” Jindal wrote.

Mike Huckabee, former Governor of Arkansas, supported legislation in his state that “would have provided in-state tuition to illegal immigrants.” Recently, Huckabee has been quite vocal about not punishing illegal aliens who were brought to the United States as children by their parents. Speaking to The Christian Post in 2013, Huckabee stated, “I do think there should be a way that people who have been here for a while, who have lived decent clean lives like our ancestors did, can have a path to be able to work.”

In recent months, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has been difficult to pin down regarding his stance on immigration as it seems to go in a somewhat circular pattern. However, a spokesman for Walker stated “the governor believes it ‘makes sense’ to provide a pathway to citizenship as long as certain conditions are met.”

One candidate who has refused to even answer questions surrounding his stance on all of this New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. His defense: “[I] won’t have anything to say on immigration unless and until I become a candidate for president of the United States.” However, Christie told ABC News in 2010, “The president and Congress have to step up to the plate, they have to secure our borders and they have to put forward a commonsense path to citizenship for people.”

The most ambiguous potential candidate so far is Texas Governor Rick Perry. Speaking to the Wall Street Journal in January, Perry stated, “I think a candidate better be talking about securing the border and having a plan to secure the border before they ever have a conversation about what’s next.” Perry signed into law a bill that provided in-state tuition to illegal aliens and called anyone who opposed the bill as having no heart during the 2012 GOP presidential primary.

Only two candidates oppose “any path to normalization” for illegal alien invaders without them leaving the country first: retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson and former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum.

Carson explained his stance as follows:

“People already here illegally could apply for guest-worker status from outside the country. This means they would have to leave first. They should in no way be rewarded for having broken our laws, but if they are wise, they will arrange with their employer before they leave to immediately offer them a legal job as soon as their application is received. When they return, they still would not be US citizens, but they would be legal, and they would be paying taxes.”

Santorum offered a similar approach back in 2006.

Another possible contender, Indiana Governor Mike Pence proposed a similar plan to Carson’s and Santorum’s: illegal immigrants should return to their nation of birth before applying to return as guest-workers.

Regardless of how it is stated, each of these candidates support some type of “amnesty.” They offer no criminal repercussions to those who have broken the US immigration law. Likewise, these candidates are under the impression that our legislative branch is not complicit in the current illegal alien invasion underway in this nation. According to a portion of the documentary, “They Come to America,” by Dennis Michael Lynch, the federal government is assisting illegal aliens, along with the drug cartels, to enter America by making holes in sections of the border fence to assist them.

In another interesting video produced by Lynch that shows him talking with illegal aliens, he discovered that many illegal alien invaders here in the US counter the Obama propaganda of being “dreamers” – they do not want to be an American citizen, only work here then return home.

Democrats need a larger “voter base” and Republicans need to satisfy corporate America’s demand for “cheap labor.” Illegal alien invaders, who are offered “amnesty” or are allowed to stay with green cards, driver’s licenses, and Social Security numbers, provides the answer to increasing the Democratic voter base and providing corporations with cheap labor. Both sides have sold American citizens “south” in order to accomplish their goals. This affects the liberal voting base as well as the conservative voting base.

It seems many Republicans are willing to assist in the destruction of America and their own party, which should not be surprising, as the goal is one party rule leading to a one world government. Democrats have made no secret about their goals; but, Republicans are still attempting to “schmooze” their voter base while stabbing them in the back. There can be no assurances that a Republican in any elected capacity will stand for the laws of this nation as they cave to support every issue their voter base opposes while pandering the “we did all we could” rhetoric.

So, regardless of which potential GOP candidate someone may like, it is obvious their stance on illegal alien invasion goes along somewhat with the Democratic Party line – supporting some type of amnesty. Americans can count on each of the candidates to waffle on their stance with this issue depending on public polling and outcry of citizens. But, as we all know, it will be just another line of rhetorical fodder they expect citizens to swallow in order to get them elected, assuming anyone’s vote actually counts in a national election.

At this point in time, Congress is impotent, Obama is out of control, and Republicans have been neutered. Theories abound that the next president has already been chosen by the puppet masters, which is probably not far off base. The 64 million dollar question is “what are Americans to do at this point?”

The problem is not simple and neither will be the solution. Some Americans need to wake up in a hurry. Those who are awake need to continue to work to wake others, expose these political charlatans in order to get them out of office and keep other charlatans from being elected. All of this is dependent on there being a 2016 election. After all, we have two years of Obama left, unless we can remove and replace the members of the House and Senate, and who knows what that lying, deceptive, usurper and his puppet masters have planned.

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