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Denying the Biblical Foundation of our Constitution Benefits Goal of One World Government

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Published on: November 11, 2015

Facts that the world is rapidly moving toward a One World Government and One World Religion are prolific! Thankfully, a multitude of discerning Christians are knowledgeable of these and are active in fighting it. But far too many Christians are deceived, not being aware of deceivers in the Christian community who are producing slick professionally produced resources which are influencing American Christians, the “salt and light,” to deny the Biblical foundation of America’s Constitution. By so doing, they give consent to the Constitution’s shredding. Once America is no longer governed by the Constitution, she will have lost her independence and will be ready to merge with other nations to form the One World Government!

At least 3 goals of the 45 goals of the Communists identified by Cleon Skousen and in a 1963 Congressional Record, are being accomplished in these Satanic goals being promoted by Deceivers:

Communist Goal 29. Discredit the American Constitution.

Communist Goal 30. Discredit the American founding Fathers.

This is done first by denying the multitude of documents from America’s history which prove without a doubt most of the founders were strong Christian believers. Those who say differently are saying the Holy Spirit could not use those born again founders, even though in the majority, because the few who believed in Enlightenment thinking, Freemasonry, and believed in other religions had more power than the Spirit!

Communist Goal 13. Do away with all loyalty oaths.

As a matter of conscience, Christians who no longer believe America’s Constitution is based on the Bible but on other religions, will no longer take an oath “to preserve, protect and defend it”.

There are Deceivers working within the Christian community to carry out these Communists’ goals, even working in “discernment ministries”! But how do supporters of various Bible teachers, pastors, and/or discernment ministries really know if those they support believe the Deceivers who are teaching lies about our founders and our Constitution, and/or they even have Deceivers on staff or sell their material? Here are some questions which need to be answered, esp. before any more donations or other means of support are given. Keep in mind, according to their answers will directly affect how Christians influence our society. Constitutional government and freedoms! Come, let us reason together.

1. Do you believe America’s Constitution was founded on the Bible?
2. “If no, do you believe Christians should remain silent and thereby give tacit consent to current shredding of the Constitution, which of course will assist bringing in the One World Order?”
3. “Do you know if those who deny the Biblical foundation of our Constitution have drafted another governing document to show us what they believe would be a truly Biblically based constitution and is a reason they reject our Constitution? If not, why are they supposedly so discerning as to what is a Biblically based civil government yet can’t produce an example?”
4.”Do you believe American Christians should ever take the oath ‘to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States’ if they believe it is founded on other gods?”
5. “Have you ever taken that oath and if so, what have you done and/or doing to carry out your oath or have you renounced it and encouraged other Christians to do the same?”
6. “Should Christians, who now believe it is wrong to take that oath, ever vote or run for office since candidates winning an election will be required to take that oath when they take office?”

Of course, that would mean “We the Christians” will not be in public office, leaving only “We the Unbelievers” governing from their various religious beliefs and representing even Christians.

7. “Should those same Christians, or their family members, ever join the military since military personal will be required to take that oath?” Of course, this is another reason that will keep Christians inside the four walls of the church, just as the Communists order.
8. “On Memorial Day and Veterans’ Day, do you believe we should not honor those who have been in our military because they were wrong to take an oath ‘to preserve, protect and defend a document you believe was based on religions other than the Christian religion, even though they protected you?”
9. “Should Christians work to implement the Communist goal, Do away with all loyalty oaths?”
10. “Should Christians born in other nations and desire to be legalized American citizens, avoid that process because they will have to take an oath ‘to preserve protect and defend the Constitution’?”
11. “Do you believe American Christians should promote Enlightenment thinking, Freemasonry and other religions so we can regain Constitutional freedoms given at our founding but now being lost, since you believe those religions and their gods gave us our freedoms which protected citizens for over a couple of centuries?”
12.”Do you and/or your Christian ministry operate under protection of Rights in the First Amendment, which you believe were given by other gods? If you believe those rights came from other religions, shouldn’t you move out of America and practice your ministry under another government which you believe was founded on the Bible?”
13. “Have you or your ministry ever stated at length anything positive about America, our founders and our unalienable God given rights? Has your church’s pulpit been silent on this?”
14. “Are you aware there are deceived Christians and ‘supposed’ Christians who are Deceivers and are working to silence Christians in order to bring about a One World Government and One World Religion? If so, how do you identify them and are you exposing their works of darkness?”

According to answers given to questions above will determine if Christians believe it is wrong for believers, the “salt and the “light,” to be involved in politics. One well known Bible teacher expressed his belief regarding Christians’ involvement in politics when he replied to a contact who asked him that question. She had just looked at some slick media produced by those who deny our Biblical based founding. She stated she now believed Christians should not be involved in politics. His response to her was in agreement, “We must be about eternal values, NOT about ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’.” How deceived this Bible teacher was because Christians working to protect our First Amendment Rights in order for Bible teaching ministries to operate in America so the Gospel can be shared here and sent abroad, is about eternal values!

Although the deceived may be carrying out the agenda of the One World Government and One Word Religion inadvertently, deceivers, i.e., change agents, more than likely are fully knowledgeable of that agenda and working for it. They are well-informed on how to use the uninformed and the deceived Christians, who are also called “useful idiots” by Communists! Pray against deception and refute lies about America’s Christian founders and refute those who deny the Biblical foundation of our Constitution!

God, bless America and, God, deliver us from the evil in deception.

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