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Designated Islamic Terror Group files Federal Lawsuit: US Terror Watchlist Discriminates against Muslims

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Published on: April 13, 2016

In an apparent incident of desperation, designated Islamic terror group Hamas-CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) has filed a lawsuit against the united States claiming that the US terror watchlist is unconstitutional because it violates the rights of individuals.

To be honest, though I despise CAIR and Islam in general, they do have a point.

According to Courthouse News:

“Baby Doe,” as he is described in the class action, was 7-months-old “when his boarding pass was first stamped with the ‘SSSS’ designation, indicating that he had been designated as a ‘known or suspected terrorist,'” the complaint states.
     The class action includes 14 other named plaintiffs, but the lawsuit notes that “there are thousands upon thousands of potential plaintiffs making it impractical to bring them before the court.”
     CAIR legal director Lena Masri noted at the press conference that it is not uncommon to see babies, the elderly, disabled, and even deceased people, with Muslim-sounding names on federal watch lists.
     The lists include a no-fly list that prevents designees from flying “into, out of, or even through United States airspace,” according to the complaint.
     Another component called the “selectee list” meanwhile subjects designees to extra screening at airports and land-border crossings.
     Like Baby Doe, people on this list “often find ‘SSSS’ on their boarding pa
     “The standards for watch list inclusion do not evince even internal logic,” the sses printed by airline employees which is marked to indicate a passenger’s watch list status to airline employees and screeners.” complaint states, and persons placed on the list “have no means of removing themselves or challenging the basis for their inclusion.”

Seriously? A seven-month-old baby is on the terror watch list? You have got to be kidding! But wait! Understand that the watchlist contains more than a seven-month old baby.

Look, I’m no friend of Islam nor CAIR, but this is ridiculous. It’s as ridiculous as putting as putting former Marine Pete Santilli on the terror watchlist. It’s as ridiculous as the government’s own TSA failing to identify 73 worker on the terror watch list.

Frankly, it’s worse than that. The unconstitutional no-fly list is a secret list that is in direct violation of the Fifth Amendment’s restrictions of restricting a persons rights without due process. I mean, seriously? A seven-month-old baby? It’s worse that some of the other things this criminal government has pushed upon the American people!

Executive Director of CAIR Dawud Walid said that if the fed were going after Islamic jihadists, it should also go after alleged Donald Trump supporters.

“I think the question is, are we going to be selective about this?” Walid said. “Are we following people and placing people on this list who go to KKK meetings, people who go to Donald Trump rallies?”

Walid is a moron and I make no apologies for saying that. I don’t know of any Trump supporters who have engaged in jihad, followed a false prophet to behead people or engaged in mass murder. Perhaps if he could provide such evidence, I might reconsider.

However, the claim about the terror watch list is something that I think most Americans, who value the protections of the Constitution, could agree on, especially when we are not told who is on the list and why they are there. Furthermore, restricting a person’s right to move about freely is a direct violation of the Fifth Amendment. It’s time we start dealing with things according to law, not according to fear and emotion. If we are going to deal with Islamic terrorism, let’s start with Hamas-CAIR, which we know has finance such terrorism.

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