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Designated Terror Group CAIR Launches 2020 “Muslims Vote” Campaign In US – Look At Their Questionnaire

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Published on: January 24, 2020

Designated Islamic terror group Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has announced that it is launching its 2020 “Muslims Vote” campaign that seeks to empower antichrist Muslims in America by “increasing their political capacity and presence in the 2020 General Election.”

So, how are they kicking things off?

First of all, they have provided a “Sample Questions for Candidates and Government Officials” toolkit.

Take a look.

2020 Sample Questions by Tim Brown on Scribd

Notice, that they do not correctly refer to our representatives as representatives nor senators nor a president, but “government officials.”  Keep that in mind because not only does CAIR represent antichrist Islam, but they also represent Islamic Sharia as well.

Does the questionaire ask any relevant constitutional stances of these people who are asking for their vote?  Not really.

Instead, they ask the following:

  • Fostering Mutual Respect: Do you support a welcoming environment that fosters mutual respect for all religious beliefs, traditions, and heritages in the United States?
  • Religious Land Use: Do you support actions taken by the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice to protect the right of Muslim communities to establish or expand places of worship on the same terms as other religious communities?
  • Freedom to Practice One’s Faith: Do you agree that the U.S. Constitution and state laws are not threatened by citizens privately following their own religious codes, such as Jewish Halacha, Islamic Sharia, or
    Catholic Canon Law, as long as such religious codes comply with U.S. law?
  • Do you plan to address the rise in white supremacy and white nationalism in the United States?
  • Do you plan to address the rise in Islamophobia and hateful rhetoric towards Muslims in the United States?
  • Will you affirm that America must stand against xenophobic sentiments directed to members of Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Arab, Middle Eastern, and South Asian communities?
  • Do you support the right of Muslim and Jewish inmates to make religious accommodation requests for halal and kosher meals?
  • Do you support the right of Muslim inmates to make religious accommodation requests for religious headwear, like hijabs, kufis, and other head coverings?
  • Do you support the right of Muslim inmates to make religious accommodation requests for copies of the Quran and other religious texts, prayer mats, prayer beads, and other religious items?
  • Do you support the right of Muslim inmates to make religious accommodation requests for modified meal schedules while fasting during Ramadan?
  • Do you support the right of Muslim inmates to make religious accommodation requests for daily congregational prayers and Friday religious services?
  • If elected, would you use your office to support or oppose Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) initiatives and programs on any level of the government?
  • Do you support businesses denying entrance or service to customers based on their perceived race, religion or nationality?
  • A growing number of cities and states are exploring the possibility of increasing minimum wages to better support low-income workers and families. Do you support increases to the minimum wage,
    federally set in 2009 to $7.25, to correspond to the cost of living?
  • States, cities and counties across the U.S. have adopted paid sick time laws. Do you support reforming federal law to require employers to provide paid sick days for all workers?
  • Millions of American workers who are new parents go without paid parental leave (maternity or paternity leave) or the option to take additional parental unpaid leave, impacting working
    families nationwide. Do you support reforming federal laws to require employers to provide at least six weeks of paid family leave and at least 12 weeks of unpaid leave as already afforded to federal employees?
  • In addressing the school-to-prison pipeline, do you support policies that promote restorative justice and conflict de-escalation and resolution practices as opposed to disciplinary
    approaches (suspension, expulsion or arrest) in addressing student misconduct?
  • Recent reports have indicated that Muslim children have faced increased bullying and harassment in schools. Do you support amending Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include
    religion* as a protected characteristic in schools?
  • Do you support school districts taking measures to identify, record, and prevent anti-Muslim bullying?
  • Do you support public school systems with significant Muslim populations in your congressional district and/or state closing for the Muslim holidays of Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha*, when many students or faculty would otherwise be absent?
  • In communities with large Muslim populations, do you support halal (Islamically permissible) food options on school cafeteria menus?
  • Do you support the adoption of comprehensive federal immigration reform which provides a pathway to citizenship for the nation’s 11 million undocumented immigrants?
  • Do you support locally resettling Syrian, Iraqi, Somali, or Afghani refugees?
  • Do you support President Donald Trump’s discriminatory Muslim travel ban?
  • Do you support the separation of immigrant and refugee families at the U.S. border?
  • Do you support ensuring that refugees are not prevented from seeking asylum at the border or inside the United States?
  • Do you support state or local law enforcement entering into 287(g) agreements with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to carry out federal immigration law enforcement functions?
  • Do you support awarding city contracts to vendors that supply Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Customs and Border Patrol (CBP), or the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR)
    with data broker, extreme vetting, or detention facility support?
  • Would you use your office to support adoption of the Trust Act in local or state government?
  • Do you support the adoption of federal and state laws prohibiting law enforcement officers profiling individuals based on their perceived race, ethnicity, gender, national origin, or religion?
  • Do you support anti-discrimination and use of force de-escalation training for federal and
    state law enforcement officers?
  • Under a framework that protects the privacy rights of both citizens and law enforcement, do you support outfitting federal law and state enforcement officers and agents who are required to
    face an imminent threat of some kind with body-worn cameras?
  • Do you support banning the government use of facial recognition technology, as they have been the subject of mass surveillance and police misconduct?
  • Do you support transparency, accountability, and a use policy for the acquisition of surveillance technology?
  • Do you support local police officers who are assigned to federal task forces, such as the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF), following local and state laws rather than the looser and highly
    problematic FBI guidelines?
  • Do you support devising a new formula to establish criteria for determining whether states with histories of voter discrimination can fall under Justice Department preclearance oversight?
  • Do you support Congress devising a law that bans all modern forms of voter discrimination, such as state voter ID laws?
  • Do you support restoring the fundamental right to vote for citizens who have served their prison sentences as a necessary step towards eliminating policies that have historically disenfranchised large segments of communities and disproportionately affected U.S minorities?
  • Do you support the First Amendment right of Americans and U.S. businesses to engage in a boycott of countries that engage in human rights abuses?

The final few questions beginning at the Trust Act, except for those about voter discrimination, which is not discrimination at all, and the right to boycott countries if one desires to do so are the only things I see in there that appear to be a serious consideration of unconstitutionality.  However, the First Amendment, contrary to popular opinion, was never designed to protect the public practice of Islam in the US.

And keep in mind how Muslims have been gaining political traction in the US in the past couple of years.

The majority of these questions have nothing to do with constitutionality but are questions about things not authorized to the central government in the Constitution.

The idea of discrimination is a right protected in the First Amendment despite the unconstitutional “laws” regarding discrimination.  The fact that the right to “assemble” necessarily imports the idea of who one assembles with and who one doesn’t makes discrimination “laws” unconstitutional, plain and simple, whether in business, your home or any place else.

While can have respect for different cultures, and frankly we should have respect for each other, as those made in the image of God, no one should be forced to respect an antichrist religion, especially when that religion flies right in the face of the Christian religion, which is the very foundation of this land!  You see, CAIR is attempting to poison the well by claiming to be the victims as Muslims, while at the same time, their very book, non-prophet and hadiths call Christians “infidels” and fail to admit that God came in the flesh as Jesus the Christ.  Those who deny that are antichrists.

So, who would be disrespectful here?  If one wants Islam, there are plenty of countries that embrace those doctrines of demons and already in place, but that’s not what they want.

Muslims want dominion.

Christians should want dominion, even as God commanded us, but not domination of men.  Rather take dominion over the earth.

For instance, the questions regarding education should be immediately dismissed.  Our Constitution gives zero authority to the central government to put its nose in education though it has been doing it for quite some time and the Trump administration continues right along with the globalist, United Nations agenda when it comes to education despite the claims of America First.

The travel ban was perfectly within the authority of the president to do considering it was a clear defensive measure.  Additionally, CAIR raises a stink about refugee resettlement when it’s clear that plenty of Muslims have resettled here despite the wishes of many Americans, and that recently it was reported that 18 Republican governors had requested even more Muslim refugees in their states as “Christian charity.”

Keep this in mind as we head into 2020.  Just like the broken promises of President Donald Trump that our Second Amendment-protected rights are no longer under attack, the Muslim issue has not gone away.  It has grown, and some of it at President Trump and Congress’ own hand.

When is America going to deal with CAIR and other Muslim Brotherhood front groups in our country?

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