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Did You Know You Have Been Drafted?

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Published on: April 16, 2020

Yes, drafted…, you know, selected for compulsory military service. Well, you may not have been forced to join the military, but you have been forced to participate in the War on COVID-19. It has been compared by some politicians to the 911 attacks, and Pearl Harbor. How many of you have asked yourselves, what has really been done?  Have you evaluated things to decide if it is a good idea? If not, why not?

As I have mentioned in previous articles, people like to quote the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and other documents they claim prove we have rights. However, I think that is actually distracting us from our rights. For example, does it really matter if what they are currently doing for COVID-19 is constitutional? If the lockdown has harmed you financially, your money is just as gone, regardless of what the Constitution says about the loss of your money. If the government’s decision about your health care has caused you harm, who cares if it is constitutional? All this talk about the Constitution has done is to distract us from stopping the harm. All it does is send us to some Federal Judge, and ask him to make a determination, or usually a hallucination, as to if the government will be forced to stop hurting us. What do you think the chances are that a member of the government will say that the government is wrong?

The reason I say you have been drafted is that when you are drafted you lose all your constitutional rights. You either go to war or go to jail. If you are drafted, you have the right, some judge has claimed, under the Constitution, to go be part of the military and to obey orders, and possibly be killed. How is that a choice? You may claim it is necessary to keep us safe, but how safe is the person who is killed by the decision they were not allowed to make? How safe was the person killed by being ordered to obey?

You have been forced into lockdown even if it does not benefit you, even if it harms you. You are expected to obey the people in control, regardless of what that does to you. All in the name of keeping somebody safe, but who are they keeping safe? The latest numbers of the people getting COVID-19 say 50% may get mild to no symptoms, 30% may get overt symptoms which are mild to moderate, only 20% get severe symptoms, and possibly 0.3% may die.

Here is a way to look at those numbers. You live in a town with 1000 people. Of those people, if everyone gets COVID-19, and some say only 50% will, 500 people will get mild to no symptoms. The number of people who may get overt symptoms would be 300 people. If you use the 20% number, 200 people may get severe symptoms, and possibly 3 people could die. How does the death of 3 people, justify taking away the rights of 997 people? How does 300 people getting ill, justify taking away the rights of 700 people? The fact of the matter is all 1000 people have lost their rights. The only question is, for whose benefit?

Think about that!  The population of the United States is 330,150,668 people. Of those people, if everyone gets COVID-19, and some say only 50% will, 165,075,334 people may get mild to no symptoms. That is if 100% of the population gets COVID-19. The number of people who may get overt symptoms that are mild to moderate would be 99,045,200 people. If you use the 20% number, 66,030,133 people may get severe symptoms, and possibly 990,452 people could die.

I am going to round those numbers in millions to make them easier to understand. If 100% of the population gets COVID-19, then 165 million people may get mild to no symptoms. The number of people who may get overt symptoms that are mild to moderate would be 99 million. If you use the 20% number, 66 million people may get severe symptoms, and possibly 1 million people could die.

Here is the problem: The media only screams endlessly that we cannot let 1 million people die. The media ignores the fact that 330 million people will not die. The media ignores the fact that 264 million people may get anywhere from no symptoms to moderate symptoms. If you were standing in a room and 1 person said he was going to die and therefore 330 of you must be locked up, because the government says so, what would you say? Would you ask why 330 people do not matter, and only 1 person does. Welcome to America, most of us have not mattered for a long time. How COVID-19 is being handled only proves that more than ever. This has to stop now. These numbers are not precise because they are rounded to the millions and 100% of the population will not get COVID-19. The estimate is 50% of the people may not get it at all. That would cause even fewer people to be ill. Why hurt the many because of the few? That has been American politics for a long time, as I said, this has to stop now.

There is no evidence that the people making these decisions know what they are doing. Even if they did, it would not make it right. Have you ever looked into how many people die as a result of medical error? It is a large number. My point is, either you have the right to self-preservation or you don’t, there is no in between. Obeying orders is not self-preservation. Making your own decisions is the only way to truly be safe. If you are thinking someone else will keep you safe you are wrong.

The government claims what it is doing benefits someone. However, the government ignores all that harm that it is doing to people. You do not matter. They do not care if you are harmed or not. You have the right to obey, which in reality proves you have no rights. Ask all the businesses that are being destroyed if they have any rights.

Now it is starting to be reported that there may be a meat shortage as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown. Thanks to the big government-big business situation, much of the country lives under, 85% of the beef in the country is processed by 4 meat processers. For those of you who say: “who cares” because all you care about is if meat is cheap, the one who cares may be you. You are not going to get away with this irresponsibility forever.

You cannot keep allowing the government to make your decisions, keep you safe, control your economy, and not end up suffering for their mistakes. When I say “their mistakes” it is really your mistakes, as you let it happen.

When are you going to say no, and stop falling for this Republican, Democrat nonsense? Both their friends get richer and you get poorer. Look around. If you think we can allow the harm that has happened in this lockdown, in the name of helping us, to continue, you are mistaken. Something needs to be done now. We are in this together. If you are not hurting now, you will be. Letting your neighbor get hurt, and saying it does not matter to you, is like hitting your own hand with a hammer, and saying you are fine because you only care about the hand holding the hammer.

The body is the community, calling the left hand Democrat and the right hand Republican does not change the fact that the whole body is hurting. We must stop this political bickering and come together to save our communities from the horrible destruction that is happening. It does not matter if it was legal to wreck the economy. Arguing over legal or illegal, Constitutional or Unconstitutional, just allows the damage to continue. People need to be able to go back to work.

I will leave you with one last thought. Obsessing over one part of the problem, such as one person out of 330 people losing their life, is dangerous. It reminds me of the Airliner that put the landing gear down. The indicator light did not come on, the indicator light that told if the landing gear was down. The flight crew became ultra-focused on the problem until they crashed the Airliner and killed everyone on board. After the crash investigation, it was discovered that the indicator light bulb was burnt out, and the landing gear was indeed down. The crew was so busy obsessing over the indicator light not coming on, that they crashed when they could have landed. The crew was wrong, dead wrong. Think about that as you continue to let people think for you.

What are you going to do? I do not know if we can stop this crash. I hope I am wrong, if I am not wrong, this country is in trouble. The rest of you better start speaking up and doing something.

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