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Disney: The Next Major Christian Boycott

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Published on: June 22, 2016

Disney is no longer the cutesy, family friendly organization it once was. In the last decade it has “come out” as one of the most effective social engineering tools in the New World Order arsenal. Everything the Disney/Marvel/Pixar/Lucas Films conglomerate produces is filled with anti-family propaganda. An article in the New York Post quotes a BYU study called “Daddies or Dummies” that measured how many times per minute the dads in Disney sitcoms act like Buffoons. It was determined that “Every 3.24 minutes, a dad acts like a buffoon.” 

“A 2001 study by Erica Scharrer in the Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media found that the number of times a mother told a joke at the father’s expense increased from 1.80 times per episode in the 1950s to 4.29 times per episode in 1990.

But what’s interesting about the new research is that the author, Savannah Keenan, also looked at the reaction of the children on screen to their fathers’ displays of cluelessness. At least half the time, children reacted “negatively” to these displays — by rolling their eyes, making fun of Dad, criticizing him, walking away while he’s talking or otherwise expressing their annoyance.” (New York Post)

Disrespecting the fathers and downplaying the importance they play as the head of the family is without question purposefully crafted to create a disdain for parents by the children that watch these shows. This disdain by the children exposed to these programs then manifests as rebelliousness, divisiveness and destructive behavior as they get older, mimicking what they see on TV.

These subtle messages laced throughout Disney programming are to blame, and the parents are left clueless as to how, where and when the behavior originated. They are then left to deal with the aftermath as they watch their families disintegrate into infighting and dysfunction not realizing that Disney programming is to blame. The cartoon characters of the 1950’s that we grew up with are now being used to hide extremely provocative sexual agendas and anti-family propaganda. This is what makes these films so powerful as social engineering tools. The adults see Disney and the characters through the innocence of their own day, and think that these characters are still there to promote positive values when nothing could be further from the truth. Instead they are insidious devices of total brainwashing towards perversion and rebellion in our society.

Turning Children Into Disrespectful, Pervert, Drug Addicts

Parents that allow their kids to sit in front of the TV and watch these shows have no clue how they are being used to undermine their authority as parents. They also don’t realize how this undermining plays right into the New World Order agenda to rip children away from their parents in favor of state run, public schooling. They teach children to disrespect their parents, but always play up the state as being superior and worthy of their dedication. This in turn prepares them for public schooling, the worship of the state run institutions, and its secular, anti-God value systems.

There is no better example of how exposure to Disney insiders and agendas corrupts a young mind than the life of the Disney child actors. For example Miley Cyrus who was the famed  Hannah Montana having grown up under the supervision of Disney insiders is totally lost to the Christian values her own father tried to instill in her. Billy Ray Cyrus, who starred as Hannah Montana’s dad in the sitcom was literally the butt of every joke on that show. In a GQ article he stated,

“It (Hannah Montana) destroyed my family. I’d take it back in a second” he said. “For my family to be here and just be everybody okay, safe and sound and happy and normal, would have been fantastic. Heck, yea. I’d erase it all in a second if I could.” (Gospel Herald)

In this same article Grace Vuoto, founder of the Edmund Burke Institute of American Renewal said it exactly by stating,

“…the cause of this downfall as a result of the Hollywood elite telling children to disregard their parents, which inadvertently separates them from Christ. “Parents have the primary duty to leading their children and keeping them in faith. When the authority of parents is constantly undermined, then the link between the child and Christianity is also severed,” she wrote.

Vuoto wrote that Mr. Cyrus had also participated in undermining parental authority on “Hannah Montana Show,” where he starred as Montana’s father-manager Robby Stewart, who was usually led by his daughter to see the more progressive point the parent had missed and was usually the butt of jokes. She said these themes undermined the natural family order, and sends out the message: don’t listen to your parents because you know better than they do.” (Gospel Herald)

There is without question a demonic intelligence behind the corrupting of Disney stars, whether it be Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, etc. These child actors are being used to corrupt their entire fan-base over the course of a generation. These young stars are given TV shows or film roles, millions of young children fall in love with them and idolize them. Then as they grow into maturity, they are pushed into cycles of drug abuse, promiscuousness, and rebellion taking their entire fan-base with them on that journey. How many kids out there having worshiped these child actors as young innocent stars are now on a path of recklessness and destructive behavior because they followed their childhood heroes into drugs and alcohol abuse, and  everything that goes with that lifestyle.

Normalizing Lesbianism and Homosexuality

Parents need to beware that the heroes and villains of all of your children’s favorite are no longer promoting traditional family values, instead they are promoting, lesbianism, homosexuality, and same gendered parent families. For example just recently the newest episode of Once Upon a Time that features every Disney hero and villain imaginable, aired an episode where the warrior Mulan, is a lesbian, and Red Riding Hood and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz fall in love and have a minute long “true love” make out session that breaks a sleeping curse. All of which is supposedly recorded in a magical book by a young man who was remote viewing the whole scene in a trance state. Unbelievably overt propaganda you really have to see for yourself to truly comprehend the layers of brainwashing going on in this one scene.


The show takes many creative liberties, but Red Riding Hood was never gay, nor was Mulan, and nor was Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. This whole thing is a total fabrication by Disney to normalize homosexuality into the young impressionable minds that watch that show.

There is nothing more disgustingly inappropriate than a company like Disney pushing LGBTQ agendas into their programming. Disney is a company that exclusively targets minors and small children with their TV shows, radio shows, amusement parks and films. And to think they are using these mass media platforms to subvert and pervert the thinking of millions of children is a menace to the public welfare.

The gay-ification of everything Disney owns took a huge turn for the worse when a supposed organic online petition to give Frozen star Elsa a girlfriend made huge headlines these last couple of months. Though this petition is billed as a “organic” request by online communities I see it as a viral marketing publicity stunt to pave the way for the introduction of lesbian lover in Frozen 2. In fact even the actress that voiced Elsa weighed in on the possibility by saying,

“I think it’s great,” she (Idina Menzel) told Entertainment Tonight on Sunday. “Disney’s just gotta contend with that. I’ll let them figure that out. No matter what, Elsa changed my life.

Alexis Isabel Moncada posted the following tweet on her feed: Dear @Disney, #GiveElsaAGirlfriend. Moncada pointed out at the peak of her campaign’s publicity that Elsa is an obvious choice because of how connected the LGBT community already is to Frozen. 

“Many in the LGBT community view this movie as a metaphor for the experience of coming out and accepting who you are,” she said.” (Independent)

Okay, a radical feminist just happened to start a viral twitter campaign angling for a lesbian character that is now being legitimized by the actress herself. Yeah, sure nothing contrived there Disney!

Disney Fascism

This turn the Disney corporation has taken towards the promotion of reprobate lifestyles, and anti-traditional family configurations has gone supernova this year. Back in March you will remember how Marvel, who is now owned by the Walt Disney Co. threatened to boycott Georgia by refusing to film there over the “Religious Liberty” bill. This then started a landslide of boycotts by musicians and artists which effectively strong-armed Gov. Nathan Deal into a veto killing the popular bill that made it through both the state house and the senate. Disney made this public statement ,

“The Walt Disney Co. and its subsidiary movie studio, Marvel, said the same in a statement Wednesday. Disney and Marvel are inclusive companies, and although we have had great experiences filming in Georgia, we will plan to take our business elsewhere should any legislation allowing discriminatory practices be signed into state law,” the Disney Co. said in a statement.” (Washington Post)

No company should be weighing in publicly on social issues such as the LGBTQ debate much less a company like Disney who deals exclusively with the minds of children. This is civil travesty, and reeks of a fascist partnership between the Disney company and the Obama administration who are without question collaborating on the LGBTQ push we see happening globally. They want the minds of the children and they are using Disney as a vehicle to get those innocent minds.


Any self respecting Christian worth their salt will immediately remove all of Disney’s products from their home no matter the amount of tantrums and fits thrown by the children in that household. They will boycott any and all future films and materials that bear the Disney Label and all of its subordinate companies such as Marvel, Pixar and Lucas films. Then they will also lodge complaints with the Disney company and even file lawsuits if they are so inclined.It’s time to teach these kids they are not little bratty princesses or princes, that life isn’t fair and there are real villains who prey on the innocence of children like the Disney Co. There is simply no excuse for a company like Disney that holds the public trust to be utilizing their global media reach as a vehicle to push anti-family agendas onto unsuspecting children. These companies only understand one thing and that is their bottom line.

So in practical terms, when your kids beg you to go see the new Pixar film starring Lesbian Ellen DeGeneres, tell them we are boycotting Disney because they had to cram in a transgender Stingray and we will not support the normalization of a mental illeness call transgenderism.

“The sequel to the 2003 smash hit Finding Nemo has already fueled speculation that it will be the first Disney film to feature a lesbian couple, but Degeneres, who voices the titular blue fang fish, told USA Today in an interview that the film will feature a “trans sting.”

“There’s a stingray that’s becoming sting-Rhonda, so there’s a trans sting in the movie,” DeGeneres said.” (Breitbart)

I encourage Christians everywhere to join me and my household in a financial boycott of their glorification of sodomy, lesbianism, same sex marriages, transgenderism and disdain for the sacred institution of the family and marriage. It is time to hang a millstone of massive boycotts around the neck of the Disney Co. for their contribution to the delinquency and debauchery of children. The disruption of the family is central to the cause of the New World Order. Please Like our Facebook Page and also sign-up for this column newsletter.

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“But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and [that] he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” Matthew 16:6

Article posted with permission from Wake the Church

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