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Diversity is the Problem

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Published on: December 7, 2015

Here we go again, another shooting. Everyone is pointing their finger at whom or what they think is to blame. Iraq used to have a statue that pointed its finger towards Iran because Iraq claimed the blame for the Iran Iraq war lied with Iran. Therefore, the finger of blame pointed to Iran.

I would not only like to point my finger of blame, but also give the other finger to the Liberals and the Progressives, who keep claiming our problems are a lack of gun control and diversity. I use the word “diversity” because all we have been hearing is that the Liberals and the Progressives are worried we may think poorly of the Muslims. They keep claiming that the shootings are the blame of the Christians and people who own guns.

As usual, nothing could be further from the truth. A major problem with the Liberals and the Progressives is they are so dishonest that they refuse to admit what they believe and how hateful they are. When the shooting first happened, the media wanted to blame it on Christians and gun owners. They wanted to do this because they hate Christians and gun owners and they will exploit any tragedy to hurt Christians and gun owners as much as they can. The media did not want to expose that the shooters were Muslims, who had recently been to the Middle East. Does anyone remember how the media did not want to remember how the people involved in 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia because the war was with Iraq?

My point is if the Liberals and the Progressives really believe in diversity and that multiple cultures and types of people living together will bring heaven on earth, then they should practice what they preach and be willing to live in peace with Christians and gun owners. They should stop trying to legislate us out of existence with their gun laws and their diversity laws. That is why the Liberals and the Progressives want Muslims to come to this country and engage in mass shootings. The Liberals and the Progressives hate us so much that they will exploit these shootings to outlaw freedom of religion and gun ownership. The Liberals and the Progressives are unwilling to coexist with gun owners and Christians, so they keep importing violent people from other countries and then claim the violence committed proves they need to outlaw gun ownership and Christianity. I know the male shooter was born here, but it is obvious where his allegiance lies.

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Anti-diversity and intolerance is abundant in the Liberal and the Progressive political movements. The homosexuals are an example of intolerance. Regardless of what anyone says, men and women are different in numerous ways. The Liberals and the Progressives are lying or delusional when they claim there is no difference between men and women. If there was no difference, a homosexual man would be attracted to women just as he is to men. Instead of celebrating the differences between men and women and the diversity in a relationship, it is the differences that make the homosexuals reject the opposite sex. They are only willing to have a relationship with their own kind. They refuse to coexist with us and allow us to have our own opinions. They have used the courts to attack anyone who disagrees with them or refuses to sell them a wedding cake.

I have always been a live and let live kind of guy. I try to treat people as they treat me. The problem is I do not want to be mean and hateful to the Liberals and the Progressives. Not only can this kind of behavior destroy a culture, it is destroying our culture. If the Liberals and the Progressives are allowed to continue to import people that hate us as much as they do, things will only get worse.

Since it is the Liberals and the Progressives who refuse to live peacefully with others and allow different opinions and lifestyles such as Christianity and gun ownership, they should move to the countries where these things are already outlawed. There are numerous countries were Christians are already allowed to be abused in ways the Liberals and the Progressives have only dreamed of abusing Christians and gun owners. Since it is the Liberals and the Progressives who are unwilling to allow diversity, then they should go live with their own kind and leave us alone. Their intolerance is destructive and cannot continue if this county is to survive.

If the Liberals and the Progressives are unwilling to leave, we need to elect people that will stop importing people who hate and want to harm us. The Liberals and the Progressives must learn to be tolerant of gun owners and stop trying to legislate them into defenseless victims that the violent and intolerant people the Liberals and the Progressives import can easily harm.

I think we need to start hoping and working for that kind of change.

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