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Do Not Defeat Yourself

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Published on: January 3, 2021

Here we are starting a new year. Looking back at the last year, we need to ask, how did we do? They have been keeping statistics on COVID since March of 2020. In the state of Minnesota, the governor is still abusing the people in the name of helping the people. The lockdown continues and many businesses have closed and many have suffered horribly from what has been done to them.

Some people like to make New Year’s resolutions and I do not have a problem with that. However, the most important thing is to look at yourself and decide if you need to change. Change should not be viewed as bad, but the goal needs to be change for the good. The problem we have now is millions of people have been forced to change, and very few of them realize they have options.  No matter what the situation, they have options.

Look at it this way. If somebody puts you in a rowboat with no oars and shoves you in the river, many people think you just hang on and drift with the current. They mistakenly think they have no options. There are numerous ways to change the situation. One change may be to go over a waterfall and die. Bad change, bad choice. Anyone who says they have no choice is wrong. Can you tear out one of the boat’s seats and use it as an oar or rudder? Can you fight the person and stop them from putting you in the boat? My goal has been to keep our governor from putting me into the boat. What is your goal? We need to start thinking about where we are and what our options are.

What got me thinking about this is, I read an article by Bill Sardi.  I like Bill’s work and read it often. However, I am concerned that articles like Bill’s and others do more to defeat us than to warn us.  I hope Bill was intending to warn us.

Bill wrote:

One of the most sobering reports at this past year was Boyd D. Cathey’s chilling report that US General Dwight D. Eisenhower intentionally caused the death of ~a million prisoners of war by starvation at the close of the 2nd WW.”

After the war the Cossacks threw their guns down and placed themselves in the hands of British forces. When Cossack leaders were tricked into facing British firing squads and the remaining Cossacks forced back to Russia and certain death, Cossack women took their children to bridges, threw them over to drown in the water below and then threw themselves into the water rather than face the terror of the Russians or Germans.”

Bill then applied it to today:

What application does this historical episode have for today? Do Americans think it will be any different when the vaccine police come door-to-door to forcefully vaccinate your children while looking down the barrel of a gun, or face being sent to a concentration camp? Suicide will be viewed as a better fate. American mothers will do as the Cossack mothers.”

I find this disturbing. This is why our side continually loses. Conservative radio shows and columnists have a habit of playing gotcha. They tell the audience about what a terrible situation they are in, and then predict that their audience is just going to continue in the bad situation and lose in the end. They are conditioning their audience to accept their fate. They defeat themselves. The left will not need to fight and defeat American mothers if Bill’s prediction of: “Suicide will be viewed as a better fate. American mothers will do as the Cossack mothers.” I am not trying to be critical of Bill because I really do like reading his work. My point is we have to start making good choices and change things for the good. Things are going to change. The only question is how.

I do not believe American mothers will kill their children. The media pretends we are outnumbered, but I believe there is a silent majority. The problem is conservative radio shows and columnists feed into the outnumbered myth and then they play all kinds of sound bites of our enemies and give the impression that there is no hope. Why would anyone stand up and fight if multiple radio hosts spend 3 hours a day saying fighting is of no use and we have already lost?

Look at the left. Trump won and they spent 4 years treating him like a loser. That was so effective that Trump started acting like a loser. Even now, the left cheated and conservative radio shows and columnists whine and complain and do nothing to stop it. When the cheaters were covering the windows of the polling places good people should have stopped them. The left never plays sound bites of us. They are censoring us, as conservatives play what they say on their radio shows. Some Conservatives are the best advertisers the left has. They pretend to be in outrage, but they give the impression the left is inevitable. They defeat themselves.

Back to Bill’s prediction, self-defense is a natural right. No one can make it legal to hurt people. Yes, it has been going on, but not because it is legal, but because no one is enforcing the law. The biggest part of self-defense is the SELF. You have to defend yourself. Why are Americans buying all those guns if they are going to expect others to defend them? Self-defense means you defend yourself.

I am not going to kill myself if someone comes to hurt me or my family. Suicide is a sin. If I kill myself, I have murdered myself. If I allow someone to murder me, I am an accomplice and have committed murder. If I allow someone to murder someone else, I am an accomplice and have committed murder. Evil is happening in this country because Christians are allowing evil to happen. Christians are accomplices. The schools teach evil, the Christians who leave their children in those schools are accomplices. This applies to everything. Fight evil, do not join evil.

I do not believe the sheriffs of this country will do forced vaccinations. However, if conservative radio shows and columnists act like it is a done deal and people would rather commit suicide than stand up to what is right, well, who knows? What kind of message is being sent to the law enforcement of this country? Stop defeating yourself. Tell your local police and sheriffs that you believe they will defend you, not attack you. Predict your victory, not your defeat.

Do not expect a thief to arrest himself. That is why self-defense is necessary. It needs to be dangerous to hurt people. It is only dangerous if people protect themselves. Self-government is not picking who will do everything for us. Self-government means we will enforce the law. That is what self-defense truly means. Someone breaks the law by trying to harm us, we enforce the law through self-defense. We stop them from harming us.

You can only choose God one way. You want God, and you come to God on God’s terms, following God’s rules. You can choose the devil by multiple ways. You can worship the devil and be a Satanist. You can also not choose God and get the devil by not choosing God. That is the mistake Christians are making.  Not choosing is a choice. Not fighting evil is choosing evil.

No one has the right to harm someone else. If someone tries to harm you, they are harming themselves, as well as you. You have no right to make their sin worse by letting them harm you. It is a sin for them to want to harm you. It is an even greater sin for them to actually harm you. If you consent to evil, you have chosen evil.  You have become an accomplice.

Millions of people have been hurt in the name of protecting them. Good cannot be assumed. If they claimed to do good, that claimed good must be weighed against all harm it caused. The COVID cowards have become accomplices to that harm. It has been going on so long that people now suffer from Battered Citizen Syndrome. They have been lied to and hurt for so long, they have started believing that the ones hurting them hurt them for their own good. They are wrong. They need to come to their senses. You should help them.

Be a COVID Commando, not a COVID Coward. Fight evil.

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