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Doctor Says They Have 5 Days To “Deliver The Virus,” aka “Vaccine” As Australian Health Minister Provides Freudian Slip Of “New World Order” (Videos)

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Published on: November 16, 2020

You really can’t make this stuff up.  In two different clips, a general practitioner doctor claimed that once they removed the vaccine from the super cold environment that Operation Warp Speed will put it in (at least 70-80 degrees Celcius), they will have five days to deliver the virus.  He didn’t even correct himself.  Then, the Australian health minister did correct himself, but not after he mentioned that Australia is in the New World Order, something news reports have previously stated without correction.

First, here is GP Dr. William Bird’s comments.

These comments are tied directly to the claims of General Gus Perna during a 60 Minutes interview who speaks about having to keep the “vaccine” super cold during delivery.  Perna heads up Trump’s Operation Warp Speed.  Take your time and watch the interview below and listen to the incredible amount of doublespeak in it.

Does anyone question the need to keep it so cold? No other manufacturer is doing that, and it does make you question, what happens when it enters your body at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit?

On Monday’s Sons of Liberty radio show, I interviewed Dr. Carrie Madej about vaccines in general and then more specifically to the Pfizer COVID vaccine.  She too was curious as to why a vaccine had to be contained in such a cold environment.

A History Of Vaccines To The Present Pfizer COVID Vaccine & Their Dangers With Dr. Carrie Madej

Government Expects “High Volume Of Adverse Events” From Pfizer’s SARS-COV-2 RNA Vaccine

Could it be because what is in it, isn’t really a vaccine at all, but the virus?  It certainly is possible, as Dr. Madej points out that previous viruses have been spread via vaccinations in the past.

And it seems she has others that back her claim.

Meanwhile, another blurting out of the truth in the midst of the confusion by the Australian health minister during a press conference regarding going into people’s homes resulted in him stating they were in the midst of the New World Order.

This is not the first time Australian television has broadcast what is clear to everyone watching either.  However, in at least two broadcasts earlier this year, television newscasts have specifically spoken of the rollout of the New World Order without correcting it.

In the end, COVID is nothing more than the pathway into the New World Order and it just may be the end for many people. You’ve been warned!

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