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DOJ Refuses to Charge EPA Employee Who Caused Gold King Mine Disaster

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Published on: October 15, 2016

As usual, the Obama Department of Justice refuses to bring criminal charges against real criminals, and the latest example is that of an Environmental Protection Agency employee who caused the Gold King Mine disaster, which unleased 3,000,000 gallons of dangerous metals such as lead, cadmium, and arsenic into the Animas River in August of 2015.

According to the EPA Inspector General, the IG investigated whether the unnamed employee violated the Clean Water Act and made false statements over the Gold King Mine disaster.

Following the investigation, the US Attorney’s Office, District of Colorado, “declined to prosecute the EPA employee.”

The Daily Caller covered several stories on the disaster in their investigations.

  • The EPA breached the mine intentionally, even though officials knew it was pressurized and despite agency claims to the contrary.
  • The now-retired chief EPA employee at Gold King Mine, Steven Way, was away on vacation when the disaster occurred. He left orders not to breach the mine, which his temporary replacement, Hays Griswold, violated.
  • The EPA played a significant role in a supposedly independent review of the disaster, which was conducted by its sister agency, the Department of the Interior (DOI). Critics charge the EPA’s role led to an apparent interagency cover up of how the EPA caused the disaster.
  • Numerous DOI agencies were involved at Gold King Mine and in other mines in the region, causing an inherent conflict of interest. A peer reviewer was highly critical of the resulting report and was told DOI had orders to “stay clear” of investigating negligence.
  • A House Committee on Natural Resources-led investigation also presented evidence that the Clean Water Act was likely violated.

So far, the Obama DOJ should be considered the In-Justice Department. They have failed to hold former Attorney General Eric Holder accountable for his willful contempt of Congress regarding documents that were subpoenaed by Congress concerning the illegal Operation known as Fast and Furious. They have failed to deal lawfully with the IRS and their criminal targeting of conservatives. They have not followed through with bringing justice against Hillary Clinton for her violation of federal law regarding her illegal email server.

However, these aren’t the only problems with the criminally corrupt DOJ, which is now headed by Constitution violating Loretta Lynch, who is all about violating the Fifth Amendment to the tune of tens of millions of dollars.

Ethan Barton adds, “The Justice Department has let numerous other employees go unpunished for lesser, but still significant misconduct. The Natural Resources Committee, for example, held a hearing this summer highlighting numerous DOI officials who weren’t held accountable. Justice Department officials declined the panel’s invitation to explain publicly why they were letting such employees go.”

And who lets the DOJ get away with all this injustice? Congress, the representatives of the people. And who lets Congress get away with impotence and apathy? We the People.

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