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Donald Trump to Obama on Ebola: You’re a Psycho!

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Published on: October 20, 2014

Donald Trump, who probably should just stay out of politics, at least got this part right. In questioning why Barack Hussein Ebola (Obama) isn’t banning flights into the US from Ebola-ridden countries called the criminal-in-chief a “psycho.”

Trump, who is no fan of Hussein Obama and called him out about his birth certificate, lashed out at him on Thursday.

Following the revelation that two Dallas health care workers had been confirmed to be infected with the Ebola virus, Trump tweeted out:

“I am starting to think that there is something seriously wrong with President Obama’s mental health,” Trump wrote. “Why won’t he stop the flights. Psycho!”

One of the nurses flew to Cleveland from Texas, possibly infecting 132 fellow passengers rather than quarantining herself. The other nurse showed Ebola symptoms aboard a Carnival Cruise that had nearly 5,000 passengers! On top of that, one of the nurse’s boyfriend has also been quarantined as he is suspected of having Ebola.

These nurses cared for Ebola Patient Zero Thomas Duncan, who died in Dallas, Texas as a result of the disease after traveling to the US.

In fact, a more shocking claim came from the nurses behind the scenes at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, who said, “There was no protocol” to follow concerning the care of Mr. Duncan.

He defended his comments on “The Steve Malzaberg Show” saying, “If you take a look at the whole thing about stopping the flights, I don’t understand that,” he said. “How could you not, not stop the flights?”

“There’s something wrong and nobody knows what it is but there’s something wrong,” he continued. “There’s so many bad decisions. Can anybody be that incompetent? There’s something wrong, there’s something going on.”

The billionaire continued his tirade against the Obama administration for its destruction of America.

“Every decision this country has made is wrong,” he said. “Everything’s wrong. Everything is going wrong for the United States. When was the last time you heard something good about the United States? You don’t hear it. China just took over as the great economic power…this was unthinkable.”

Obama then opposed lawmakers who called for a travel ban, saying, “If we institute a travel ban instead of the protocols that we’ve put in place now, history shows that there is a likelihood of increased avoidance. They’re less likely to get treated properly, screened properly, quarantined properly. And as a consequence, we could end up having more cases rather than less.”

What protocols? No one has yet laid out what they are. And we’re supposed to believe that his protocols will prevent more of an outbreak? Obama’s comment is as asinine as his CDC chief’s comments.

As for Trump, he wasn’t done with his tweeting, almost questioning the mental health of Obama.

Americans have been calling on this administration to exercise common sense and ban flights to the US from Ebola-stricken countries, but all to no avail. In fact, mocking those calling for such measures The above comments from Obama merely echoed the CDC chief, Dr. (can I say that without losing credibility) Tom Frieden’s comments. He said that banning such flights would actually put Americans at greater risk of getting Ebola!

In opposition to Frieden’s claims, the risks of not banning flights are quite serious. However, don’t think for one minute that this is incompetence on Barry Soetoro’s part. It isn’t. It’s purposeful folks, and Donald Trump is right.

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