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Donald Trump: The King of Right-Wing Political Pandering

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Published on: January 22, 2016

Jerry Falwell, founder of Liberty University and arguably the most powerful political coalition of all time, the Moral Majority would be shaking his head in disbelief had he been still alive and heard Donald Trump refer to “2nd” Corinthians  as “Two” Corinthians. Yet that is exactly what Donald Trump did when speaking to the student body Monday at Liberty University.

Watch Trump Say “Two” Corinthians Video

While watching the video I was waiting for someone in the crowd to scream out “POSER” at the top of their lungs, but unfortunately nobody did. Saying “Two” Corinthians as opposed to the actual name 2nd Corinthians reveals him as totally Biblically illiterate, but that doesn’t stop thousands of supposed conservative Christians from supporting him does it. Why? Easy, because his staff and speech writers have mastered the art of political pandering. Everything he says on immigration, Muslims, Obama, the economy, and the wars of aggression in the middle east are specifically geared towards agitating the religious right with hot button issues.

An article from ABC news linked up some of the reactions on twitter,

“Trump has named the Bible as his favorite book, but at times struggled to cite scripture, declining to name a particular verse he found meaningful to Bloomberg in August. In an interview with The Brody File last September, he expressed a preference for “Proverbs, the chapter ‘never bend to envy.'” His campaign clarified to The Brody file that he was referring to Proverbs 24:1-2.

His professed love for the Bible hasn’t always convinced presidential opponents. “He couldn’t name a single Bible verse or passage that meant something to him,” former rival Bobby Jindalsaid in September. “And we all know why: because it’s all just a show. And he hasn’t ever read the Bible. But you know why he hasn’t read the Bible? Because he’s not in it.” (ABC News)

The gullibility of Christians has reached an all time high, and the reason is the vast majority of them, like Trump don’t even read their Bibles. And if they do actually go to a church there is nothing of substance being preached at the pulpit. Trump when speaking at Liberty University says that he“loved it” referring to the verse quoted in the video 2 Corinthians 3:17, he said,

“I hear this is a major theme right here, but Two Corinthians, 3:17 that’s the whole ball game,” Trump told the arena of students. “You know, when you think — and that’s really — is that the one? Is that the one you like? I think that’s the one you like, because I loved it.” (ABC News)

What kind of inane babbling is this? This verse is foundational to Christian teaching and also our Constitutional heritage. There simply is no way that he understands this verse considering that last July he literally argued with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on why he doesn’t need repentance to be a Christian. (Christian Post)

“Cooper followed up asking Trump if “asking for forgiveness” is a central tenet in his faith life.

“I try not make mistakes where I have to ask forgiveness,” Trump answered.

When further asked about repentance again by Cooper, Trump said “I think repenting is terrific.”

“Why do I have to repent or ask for forgiveness, if I am not making mistakes?” asked Trump. “I work hard, I’m an honorable person.”

In talking about his Iowa appearance, Trump said, “We were having fun when I said I drink the wine, I eat the cracker, the whole room was laughing.”

Trump denied that his statements damaged his chances with Evangelical voters and accused Cooper of only wanting “to bring up the negative.” Trump countered that his polling in Iowa is very strong.”

This statement, “I drink the wine, I eat the cracker, the whole room was laughing.” ought to make every God fearing Christian man and woman cringe. Absolutely no respect for the fact that the “cracker” and “wine” as he calls it are a symbol of the broken body and blood of Christ. So, it is little wonder he has no need for repentance when he can make a joke out of the suffering of our Savior for the sake of laughter and a few votes.

True Christian Liberty

So let’s help Trump and others out in regards to the cited verse 2 Corinthians 3:17 as to what exactly the Apostle Paul meant when writing that passage.

“Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.”  2 Corinthians 3:17

This verse has become lost on the American Christian to the point that they fall over themselves to support an obvious con-man like Donald Trump. If you read 2 Corinthians Chapter 3 in its entirety you see that the Apostle Paul is eloquently demonstrating the superiority of the In-dwelling of the Holy Spirit in a Christians life over that of the Law of Moses. He states in verse 3:6,

“Who also hath made us able ministers of the new testament; not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life.” 2 Corinthians 3:6

He argues that there is no salvation in the Law itself, a theme Paul often spoke on in his letters. For example Romans 5:20 gives the purpose of the written Law of Moses as being a way for us to know exactly what offends our Creator. The law, as given to Moses only magnifies our knowledge of good and evil to the point that we realize how we fall short of perfection (Romans 3:23).

Moreover the law entered, that the offence might abound. But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound: Romans 5:20

The law is needed so we understand our fallen nature, but it cannot save us seeing it only shows how we violate it constantly. The Law also has no power to save us from our deserved punishment, nor does it give us the ability to override our desires to sin. So, when Paul speaks about Christian Liberty he is showing us all how the in-dwelling of God’s Holy Spirit in the life of a believer is what gives us true conviction and knowledge of our sin, and also gives us the ability to live righteous and holy lives pleasing to God.

For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death. Romans 8:2

This is why we can say that Christianity, and the true knowledge of Liberty is fundamental towards any type of government, as well as Constitutional government. All societies have thousands of laws on the books, but that doesn’t stop the criminals, nor does it curtail the tyrants, and the hedonistic behaviors of the culture. The only thing that restrains the human heart is God through the in-dwelling of the Holy Spirit in a believers life. When this Spirit overtakes a society in revival fashion, then and only then is there a righteous and a truly blessed citizenry. Where the Spirit of God is there is liberty, this is a true statement.

This concept of liberty being synonymous with the Christian faith is what is missing from Christian teaching and worldly education. So many people equate liberty with doing what they want without consequences, and without interference from government and the church. This is not liberty, not even close, this type of liberty only breeds the politically correct, relativistic and moral black hole we now have in this country.

Donald Trump has no concept of this kind of Liberty, because this kind of liberty represents God’s heart and love for all men and woman everywhere. God’s desire is that all men be saved, and live a righteous life in the fear of God, including Muslims and illegal Immigrants whom he berates constantly. Another verse that famously depicts Christian Liberty is that of Galatians 3:28

“There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.” Galatians 3:28

If we want true freedom, if we want true liberty, and safety in the world we would be dismantling our military in favor of spreading the Gospel. Again, as Paul says in Galatians it is only in Christ we shed our differences as the spirit of God unites us in peace and unity under the Lordship of Jesus our savior.


Trump’s people are the best in the business, people he hired and paid out of his own pocket, their analysis of the points of leverage within the Christian political sphere are spot on. They are extremely effective, because they understand that most conservatives no longer get any sort of Biblically based political education from the pulpit, instead they get it from FOX news. Any political operative knows that FOX News is nothing more than ingeniously packaged Pentagon propaganda tool that supports the Military Industrial complex at every point. In fact, FOX news is nothing more than a vehicle to co-opt and control the religious right towards war, and perpetual political posturing against the left. Like Trump, everything FOX News says and does is wrapped in the Bible and the flag knowing full well the gullible Christian public will forgo reason when rallied around such symbols.

So if Trump wants to get up there and read the Bible and pander to the religious right on all their hot button issues in hopes that it wins him the GOP nomination it probably will. Trump like the rest of Christian America is as Biblically illiterate and dead spiritually as he is, and that is the only reason he can get away with it. FOX News propaganda and sissified teachings at the pulpit has caused the religious right to now equate freedom with bombing those foreigners. People they should be looking to convert towards the knowledge of Christ. To this dumbed down, ignorant version of Christianity in this country, Trump, instead of Jesus has become their King.

Article reposted with permission from Wake the Church, the opinions and views shared do not necessarily reflect the views of Freedom Outpost.

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