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Donald Trump Told the Truth About Hillary Clinton: “Hillary is so Corrupt…”

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Published on: October 24, 2016

Donald Trump gave a lesson in “loving your enemy” Thursday night. Trump stood three seats from Hillary Clinton at the annual Al Smith dinner, which honors the first Catholic presidential candidate from three generations ago.

Donald made fun of himself and his wife, as well as Hillary and her liberal media – it was very funny and lighthearted for 10 minutes. Then he spent two or three minutes telling the absolute truth about Hillary Clinton. Horror, shock and boos filled the room after he said the words, “Hillary is so corrupt …”

Flashback: Dr. Ben Carson

Remember when Dr. Ben Carson stood two seats from President Barack Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast some years ago? He plainly and kindly told the truth about Obamacare.

Carson’s statement was so refreshing to the American people (and perhaps the biggest action that propelled his popularity as a candidate in the presidential primary). It was as pure an act of courage and love as we’d seen in decades.

This week, with the country in much worse shape, Donald Trump was even more confrontational, forceful and brutal than Ben Carson famously was – and appropriately so.

Phony politicians and their phony rules

Have you ever seen our Republican and Democrat “leaders” rub elbows as though they’re “friends,” one charmed by the other? Have you seen the Bushes, Clintons and Obamas embracing one another, or conservatives posing for pictures with the likes of Al Sharpton? These are disgusting displays of weakness, phoniness and power-and-celebrity worship.

Did you see the so-called “honest” socialist Bernie Sanders fall in line with the same Democratic Party that repeatedly stabbed him in the back? Because Bernie is a hypocrite who only believes in politics and imaginary “racism,” he speaks against the only truly honest candidate (Trump) who really called out corruption.

Conservatives have behaved by liberals’ ever-constricting rules of “political correctness” for so long. Meanwhile, liberals openly bash and mock conservatives.

Liberals promote their wicked causes at inappropriate venues every chance they get. They infiltrated American entertainment, sports, schools, even churches. Then they name-call the good people who decry their mess. They brand us with deplorable made-up terms (Theyre racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic you name it).

Donald Trump is throwing it all back in their faces. They scream like witches and demons who’ve had “holy water” thrown on them. Evil people cannot handle truth. But truth is thrilling to the American people who want what’s right.

All-out war against evil

At the Al Smith dinner, Donald Trump did the only moral thing he could do by trashing Hillary for her lies. I was glad when he said, “She hates Catholics.” I loved how Donald boldly continued through the boos. Had Trump played “nice” with “such a nasty woman” that evening, it would have been yet another victory for evil.

Remember the final debate in 2012 when Mitt Romney allowed Barack Obama to pretend to care about the victims of Benghazi, faking indignation when Mitt suggested Barack did not care? Because Mitt was a coward (brainwashed to believe in “racism”) who did not want to call out a black man for lying, he lost.

Trump was not himself in the first and third presidential debates (possibly because he listened to politically correct handlers). So he allowed a foothold for Satan’s daughter, Hillary, to accuse him of phony “sexism” and “racism,” not calling out her hatred and hypocrisy.

But other politicians are incapable of dealing the punishment he gave Hillary in the second debate, or giving real answers to questions as he did in the third (on whether hed accept an election rigged by lying media and voter fraud: I‘ll keep you in suspense”).

We are at war with evil. Evil has grown unchecked for the past eight years and more. Trump is the first man not to sit by and let it continue. Over the past year, he’s exposed lying “conservatives” and liberals, re-energized the people and moved the culture away from political correctness.

Healing a divided country

Trump spoke in Gettysburg Saturday and referred to Lincoln’s presidency – when our country was almost as divided as it is today. The Civil War started after Lincoln took office and ended after he was assassinated. If Lincoln lived today, they would call him a divider and warmonger.

Today, liars accuse Trump of being “divisive” and “stirring up violence.” In fact, he’s a unifier ready to fight for the survival of our union.

Some call Donald Trump a “bully.” In reality, he fights the bullies – wicked people who deceive, corrupt and manipulate vulnerable people who don’t know better and can’t see for themselves: women, blacks, most “minorities” and the young.

Some call Donald Trump “insecure.” In fact, they are “insecure,” because he is toppling their wicked regime based on lies, suspicion and hate. Their fallen messiah Barack Obama has turned America into a ghetto, divided the country like never before and welcomed new violence and unease in the world.

President Donald Trump can be a force to restore sanity and order.

President Trump, never back down.

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Article posted with permission from Jesse Lee Peterson

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