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Dove TV & Bradlee Dean are Exposing what is going on in America’s Public Schools

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Published on: October 23, 2014

I told you back in September that Dove TV was going to be carrying Bradlee Dean’s “My War” series over the next few months. The series exposes what is going on in the public schools and the problems we are facing as a nation, but most importantly it calls the viewer to the solution, a return to God and to His Word. It also shows you how Dean and his You Can Run International ministry go into the public high schools to deliver the truth to the young people of America.

“My War is about fighting for a generation that is subjected to everything and protected from nothing,” said Bradlee Dean, who has gone into over 350 high schools across America to communicate our Christian heritage, the laws of our Constitution, the law of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ. “It goes into the schools to show you firsthand what the students are dealing with on a daily basis. It shows the parents what they need to know from the inside out.”

So what does this series hold for the viewer? It will give you such insights into the following topics:

  • Our Founding Fathers
  • The Constitution
  • What your kids are being taught in public schools
  • The myth of alcoholism
  • Abortion
  • Drug abuse
  • Hollywood and the moral decline of our nation
  • The spiritual heritage and foundation of the United States
  • The lies in the media and much more
  • And last but not least, see the YCRBYCHI crew being kicked out of schools, even being escorted by police, for hitting on the topics above!

My War not only shows you the problems that our nation faces today, but will also give you the answers you need to take action! The My War documentary series will not leave you feeling hopeless and helpless, but empowered and emboldened to stand up and fight, as David did to Goliath, and win the day! Perfect viewing for all ages, this documentary is a series every household in America needs to have. My War will bring you to the fight, lay out the battle plans and equip you to make a difference!

Dove TV will be airing the My War series every Tuesday at 8:30pm PST, with repeats at different times during their regular program schedule.

The Christian network is featured on the Charter cable system throughout southern Oregon and northern California on channel 18, as well as UHF channel 18 and 44 in the southern Oregon area. In the Bend, Oregon area, The Dove can also be found on UHF channel 41.

Both Roku and The Dove website stream their programming live. Currently, The Dove is watched in 49 states in the US and 17 countries worldwide.

Check out the trailer below and then tune into Dove TV to catch the My War series.

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